Reunited after 43 years


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I was asked to take the Z along to a local show this weekend, The Downton Engineering Works show. The organisers had intimated that they had asked Jan Odor to attend as he started Janspeed in Downton.
The sun shone and with a good array of cars to look at, a lot of Minis, as Downton specialized in them, it promised to be a good day out.

Basking in the sunshine I noticed a posh Ranger rover on private plates pull up outside the gates and Jan Odor climbed out of the passenger seat.
He had come through the gates and passed a couple of car before he noticed the Z. The look on his face was perfect.
Recognition, then surprise then big smiles as he saw for the first time since 1979 the car he was so Involved with back then.
His first question was " where on earth did you find this"?

He stopped and chatted for about half an hour, confirming some history I had assumed, and some I did not know before saying he was going to dig out some photos he had of the car.

It will be interesting to see what he has that I don't already have.

A true gentleman that I really feel honoured to have been able to spend some time with. Even got a couple of pics of him posing by the car, still smiling.

This is the only surviving race car from the 70s now


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What a great experience to reunite them after all those years, great source of info too I expect, one for the photo album!!