rear tyre wear - can you beat 8,000m?


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Hallo all - I've had my stock Z since 1999. The first two sets of rears (Bridgestone something, then RE71) lasted over 18,000 miles. Ever since I changed to Bridgestone S-03, this halved to around 8,000m or 9,000m. I just tried a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 and :mad: down to below 2mm in just 8,176m. It's very irritating. Bear in mind I drive like a granny in a stock motor and most of my miles are in London commuting.

Does any Z32 owner here regularly get over 10,000m on a set of rear tyres and, if so, what make/model?

TIA - Gio


Im not normal
You'd cry if i told you how long my tyres last!!

The last drift day i did i used 4 sets of tyres in less than 2hrs :)

Im guessing on the road, id be glad to see 4000miles from some rears on my TT


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Hi Gio.
I've only heard good about the RE71. Referring to a test of different tires, the F1 won the test, and due to quite soft rubber they stick good to the road, but that also means that there is not many miles in the tires. Right now I have Toyo on my front wheels. They have run a lot of kilometers, bot they are also a little noisy, due to hard rubber.
Regards, Michael


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Falkens it is, then

OK chaps, thanks for the input on tyres. FYI my best bargain since 1999 were the original Bridgestones I fitted on import but I don’t know which type. The next best were the RE71s which cost me 0.55p per mile and the worst have been the Eagle F1s @ 1.14ppm (just talking about rears, that is).

I thought about going back to Bridgestone but they were completely unhelpful when I complained about tyre wear before so they’re not getting any more of my money just yet.

A spot of googling found that the RE71s were OEM fit to the Porsche 959 so they’re clearly seriously good tyres. You can also still get S-02s which used to be the top forum recommendation before the S-03s (S-02s are OEM for S2000 so if they’re good enough for Soichiro…)

In my quest for good info, I emailed blackcircles with the tyre wear question and got back a list of 24 different tyres with the comment “a Michelin … or the original Bridgestones would be a good choice” so good marks for rapid response but 0/10 for actually answering the question in my email.

I also emailed as they did a nice job on refurbing my wheels and fitted the previous F1s but to date no reply.

I’ve ended up buying a pair of Falken 452s from who I’ve used before and who do mobile fitting which is dead handy. £75.20 each all in inc VAT, fitting, balancing etc. And they can do it tomorrow. The cheapest was Mytyres at £61.60 plus a tenner or so for the fitment but they weren’t as quick and I didn’t fancy wasting my lunchtime hanging around in a wet Cricklewood.

Also in googling, I found the US NHTSA ratings on tyre wear for a bunch of brands courtesy of etyres and the link to the Bridgestone section is here. Oddly, this says that the S-03s should have lasted better than the RE71 but they didn’t. Maybe this is all down to my wobbly HICAS which we have been trying to mend since last August without much success.

Oh well, I’ll let you know how it all pans out in 8,000 miles!
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I used to have SO-2's on my previous Z32 and after a year and about 12k miles they still had plenty of tread left...Great grip too!
My current Z32 has some budget brand (Nexen) tyres which take a while to warm up and provide a harsh ride until they do so.
I think I would go for Falkens too, as they're very reasonable and a few 300ZX owners swear by them!
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JEZ300Z said:
and after a year and about 12k miles they still had plenty of tread left...
Aha! Another high mileager. Thank god for that, I thought I was on my own. Over in "the other place" 8k seems to be an absolute max with a lot of delight in seeing how quickly they can demolish a pair of rears. Still, as long as they're enjoying themselves... :eek:


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Gio said:
Aha! Another high mileager. Thank god for that, I thought I was on my own. Over in "the other place" 8k seems to be an absolute max with a lot of delight in seeing how quickly they can demolish a pair of rears. Still, as long as they're enjoying themselves... :eek:

LOL Gio :D Your posts always make me chuckle, here or "over there".

A pair of rears normally last 5,000 (sideways :p ) miles or 6 months, and I use 2 pairs of rears to 1 pair of fronts. If you drove a little more sensible then me, I cant see why you could not get very good milage out of them. Just make sure your wheels are all tracked up good.

I use Marshall and they do stick well. Got them all hot and bothered on the trackday with the rubber moving around and getting 'balled up' (poor description, sorry).




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Hi Chaps

Bridgestone S03's last me about 5000 miles and S02's about 6000. i do drive hard though, but they grip well in the rain.


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Mine were dead after < 1500 miles :( bought them in december and they were down to the warning markers in under 8 weeks!

Didn't know the hicas was permanently sticking left, faulty sensor on the steering wheel :( £145 quids worth of tyres gone in 7/8 weeks is just plain mad.

Running Yoko Parada Spec 2's now so got it sorted out last week so hopefully these'll last a little longer (though not much if they're yokos lol)


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I had pirelli P zeros on my CL 500 and they lasted ages. Still a 326bhp car with over 2 tonnes of weight. Grip was good too.


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My last set came 2nd hand with my alloys which were advertised as having done 4000 miles....and I did 8000 on after that before selling the wheels & tyres with legal tread still.

...and they were Goodyear F1's

Joely P

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reading all these posts has tired me out :rolleyes: then again, what am i doing up at this rediculous time reading it!

some good info there on what is probably the most expensive general servicing item we buy, good job!

red baron

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hi my car was on bridgestone great grip not good on life span changed to faulken better been on 4years now done 8.000mls no sigins of wear excellent in wet or dry


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I've got Goodyear Eagle F1's on the back at the moment. 4000 miles so far and still at least 6mm of tread. Although I drive like on old lady most of the time so very little sideways action.


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I went to france with about 5mm on the Pirelli PZERO's on the back of my Z32 TT. After 2000 miles they were well and truly f****d (see pics in gallery). This was due to faulty rear steering that i knew bout but never bothered fixing until i got back. It would have cost about £80 to fix steering, not the £220 it cost for the tyres. So the lesson is ... err ... err ... i forget what the lesson is but its in there somewhere. Work it out for yourself.

Also, a garage in Monaco tried to sell me Pirelli P RED's, and he wanted 320 euros for one tyre! 320 euros? That slag didnt see penny one from me!