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Rear Spoiler Paint

Discussion in 'Bodywork & Interior' started by nIx, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. nIx

    nIx Forum User

    Don't know if anybody can help on this one, I've got a silver '90 Z32 Fairlady, and I'm getting white bits showing through on my rear spoiler and I'm convinced it's getting worse... the part looks glued on, does anybody know of a good procedure for re-painting these, and what paint is best to use? Obviously a Nissan colour match, but because it's rubber is there a particular type of paint which will take to the material?

  2. Gio

    Z Club Member

    This is a very common problem. I've picked this up from the forum as I am not a techy.

    Over the years, water gets in to the compound of the rear spoiler. This lifts the paint and widens the cracks which lets more water get in and round we go again.

    Also, the water rots the metal core of the spoiler. And makes it heavier so that your tailgate may not stay in the fully open position.

    I have heard that you can remove the spoiler, dry it out thoroughly, reprepare the service, bond it back to the tailgate and repaint. My Nissan dealer gave me a quote for just repainting which means that the paint will almots certainly lift off again.

    The forum guys have recommended to replace with a fibreglass replica available from (eg zcentre - a member of this very club). I have seen this on the back end of Jeff TT's car and he has done a marvellous job in prep and finish.

    I have a quote for doing this and some other bits and bobs and this is now on my list (I can't do it myself as I am technically pants).

    This is probably more than you wanted to know but I hope it helps anyway.

    Cheers - Gio
  3. Mr.F

    Mr.F Inactive

    I would add that once the rubber spoiler has taken on its water load, rotting of the tailgate skin along the back edge will not be far behind.  Get it off and in the bin as soon as possible. The fibreglass replicas have recently been further improved and an excellent fit and finish is possible.
  4. nIx

    nIx Forum User

    Thanks for the feedback all, it's not actually cracked, just looks like a really pants paint finish (in that it looks like the sun is bleaching the top coat off).

    I've seen what happens when they crack and let water in, not pleasant... a regular site on the Opel Monza (gorgeous car), so hopefully mine's just a simple paint job.

    I'm at the zcentre getting instruments done on saturday, so will ask then!

    Thanks again

  5. Gio

    Z Club Member

    OK Mike, thanks - that's just given it more priority! I've only heard of (and seen) the ones from nottingham. Very nice job too, if I may say so. Is there an alternate or are these the ones you mean. Drop us an e-mail if you prefer.

    Cheers - Gio
  6. Andy.O

    Andy.O Guest

    You could of course get rid of the spoiler altogether, much better lines I think
  7. JEZ 280ZX

    JEZ 280ZX Well-Known Forum User

    I too, prefer the Z32 without the rear spoiler...I guess we're probably in the minority though, judging by all the large rear spoilers I see on these cars!
    The normally aspirated car in 2 seater form, without the heavy rear spoiler, seems a purer shape IMHO.
    p.s. My car had the much lighter fibreglass, replica stock shaped spoiler fitted.
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