Rear Seat Belts



Just aquired a 1991 300ZX TT Import with 2 point lap belts on the back seats. I know that UK and some later models had 3 point harnesses and I really want to upgrade. Does anyone have any advice that might be useful?

If you have a 300ZX 2+2 with 3 point belts, could you tell me where the shoulder belt fastens to the car (so I can get a retro fix done in a similar position)? a DIGITAL PHOTO of this fixing would be fantastic if any of you have the time.

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&nbsp; I was going to add the UK 3 point rear belts to my Z32 at one time.
&nbsp;Apparently the bolt holes are already there behind the rear side trim.Someone also reckoned that the back of the interior panels are marked where the holes need to be drilled through too.
&nbsp;When I was looking, Luke at the Z Centre had UK rear belts for sale.You could also try Andyz over on