Rear light panel.... Should it be black?


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So my car is currently undergoing some bodywork repairs. Originally it was metallic brown but it's now Boston green metallic.
What I'm wondering if whether I should keep the silver rear panel, or change it to satin black? I'm not sure if the silver-grey was applicable to brown cars or should be standard? Although my green isn't standard anyway....
Opinions greatly appreciated...


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We really should have this stickied:

I then returned to various forum discussions in the US about the colour, and one that had undergone side-by-side comparisons with NOS parts in original paint and come out well was Ford Dark Shadow Gray, code CX-7039. So I ordered a can of the Ford (USA) colour (there is a Ford Europe version too but this may be different) in a custom mix aerosol from Paints4U and have given it a spin. MUCH better. Similar colour, but without the obvious blue tint. I will be using this for the ZG flares, rear panels and rear spoiler on the project Z. From the can, it has a near perfect flat/matt finish, although it may still make sense to lacquer it with a 2K satin or matt clear.


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As per my quote, the Ford Shadow Gray CX-7039 is absolutely the one to go for. It just looks "right". I did indeed paint the three rear panel pieces, the rear spoiler, and the ZG flares for the project car with it and they all came out beautifully. I cleared them with a good (body shop quality) 1k matt clear. I'll post a pic later.

The one thing that is harder to replicate is the texture of the factory finish though; I recall Albrecht making the point that the texture was actually rather rough, making them a bit awkward to keep clean. Personally, I'll settle for a colour match and a nice smooth, non-glossy finish that can wipe clean.
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That looks quite a light silver? I thought they were slightly darker than that. i know my old set on my orange car were unpainted and definitely looked darker than that.


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Thanks's a better picture of mine. The more I've looked at it now, the more I prefer it!


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I was also thinking that a darker colour would look odd against the classic car number plate too


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Was this paint sprayed straight on or was a primer used? Also I'm assuming this isn't a plastic specific paint either, if that matters anyway in reality?