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Discussion in 'Rebuilds and restorations' started by TheHulkGB, Mar 5, 2021.

  1. TheHulkGB

    Z Club Member

    The work is being carried out by the GTR heritage centre, they’re the ones who’ve proposed putting in the VR38 instead of the RB26. They need to see if it’s viable first which requires some more investigation on their part.
    Love the idea but not sure how complicated it would be but they can do but at what cost in mods to the cars original shell?
    I’m leaning towards the VR38 as it’s a newer engine and I’ve been told it’s near enough bulletproof. No planning on modding the engine as standard is plenty of power. I’ll put your comments forward to them about the use of a skyline gearbox. They mentioned the use of a 350z gearbox in our conversation to be used with the VR38. Either way it looks like I need to find out more information from them as I don’t want to start cutting my transmission tunnel up.
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  2. Robbie J

    Robbie J
    Z Club Member

    I know Dave, I'm sure they can do it but the cost will be an awful lot (Dave is not cheap). The 350z gearbox is a CD009 similar to what I'm doing (I have a later 370Z version). There is an adapter https://collinsadapters.com/adapter-plates/nissan/vr38-engine-to-350z-transmission-adapter.html same company that did mine. You need to move the gearstick further forward and take out the hydraulic bit in the bell housing on the later version I have.

    TBH if you run the engine at full chat that will break even a CD009 IMO. The CD009 is supposed to take up to 1000BHP but the shock loads from VR38 are quite something and with the turbos on each side it's quite wide. If you put that in you really want 650BHP at least or there is no point

    I think an RB can be made reliable if you use the right bits. I'm biased as I'm going that route, the straight 6 follows the rules in my mind.

    I'm sure Dave would love a VR38 into an S30 project car to work on.... but since you have an RB and its known all the fitment issues already.... have you been out in Skyline with an RB in anger? It's fun..
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  3. TheHulkGB

    Z Club Member

    All those points make sense, that’s the reason I decided to seek advice.
    I haven’t been out in a RB skyline so I can’t imagine what it will be like
  4. Garaculas

    Z Club Member

    I’m going RB26, so am slightly biased, but that’s because I’m building mine in my garage. If you’ve got a good, experienced shop willing to do the development work then I’d definitely look into the VR to see if it’s a go-er.

    You’d be the first in the UK (I think) and that shop knows the platform well so you’d be well supported in your endeavour. Different for the sake of it can be a bit daft but it’s a good engine and would likely work/fit well in the Z if you can make it all fit.
  5. Albrecht

    Albrecht Well-Known Forum User

    They have some history in this kind of Quart-in-a-pint-pot style project.

    Here's one that was clearly not very well thought through, and ended up - as far as I'm aware - being scrapped. Mitsubishi Evo into 510 Bluebird won't go:

    Wasted-1.jpg Wasted-2.jpg Wasted-3.jpg Wasted-4.jpg

    I remember several people pointing out beforehand that the width of the Evo drivetrain was the biggest problem, and this was not addressed. You can see the result. Clueless.
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  6. Robbie J

    Robbie J
    Z Club Member

    Please don't think that this is what I'm recommending in any way but an RB in an S30 recent example

    I'm sure Dave could get a VR38 into S30 but the width of the engine with turbos would make it a pig to work on. At Litchfield's any turbo work, they take the engine out as it's so tightly packaged. The turbos are on each side, you would need to remove the drive to the front wheels etc see pic


    It would be great to make it happen but the cost would be a lot and really you need to move a lot of things to get it in the engine bay

    with the values of R34GTR's he has done this to one

    They put the turbos in front of the engine, I wonder about the lag
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  7. TheHulkGB

    Z Club Member

    Thanks to everyone for their advice.
    Considering the complexity of the VR38 swap and the possible unknowns, I’ve decided to stick to the heritage of the car and go with the RB.
    I’ll keep you informed as the stages progress.
  8. Ian

    Z Club Member

    RB makes more sense. Its easier as it fits in the bay better (width wise) and you just don't need the power a VR38 can provide in an S30, unless you are only building it for bragging rights rather than for something that drives well.

    I honestly can't think how a VR38 would make my car better in any way than my RB.
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