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RB 240z Conversion

Discussion in 'Rebuilds and restorations' started by datsun dave, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. datsun dave

    datsun dave
    Z Club Member

    Well what a Year it has been i think i have been up to Santa Pod more times this year that i have had hot dinners !!!!

    The Club has some great car running in the Drag Race Challenge 2006 and well done to Peter Mac on winning it.

    Steve Kiddell stands out from the crowd for me on his persuit of that dream L6 NA time, steve if you have not meet him is a true gent and has all the time in the world for you.

    So taken all that i have learned this year (and the last 20 years of Z ownership) i am now going down the RB skyline conversion route.
    I have spoken to both Darren Styles and Andy Shaw how are both well into there RB swops both chaps were very helpfull with items required and bits that i need both here in the UK and over in the US.

    Mike at MJP (another gent) was my first call for the hard to get 200ZR sump to swop over on the skyline engine (the skyline sump is the wrong way round and hits the front crossmember on a Z) so with the sump & oil pick up on order from MJP - engine mounts on there way from the US. The Skyline Gearbox is hopefully sorted its just down to the full Engine & wiring loom & ECU to be found.

    A lucky Club member has bought my existing Engine-Gearbox-Carbs-Manifold-and Stainless system as a Job lot, lets say that he will "Have a smile like a Cheshire Cat"

    Also will have to look at a Buying/sorting:
    Diff for the rear end/Drive Shafts (that dont break at Pod start line)
    Prop Shaft to be made up
    Intercooler/Piping work
    With me having a early 240z i will also have to make up the gearbox mounts as the kit you can buy is for a 1971 onwards

    I loved the TVR build up on this web site so will be trying to do the same with write ups and photos added when i get started.
  2. SKiddell

    SKiddell Having a bad day

    Whoaa talk about breaking news, I think the RB route in the quality/look of your car will be brilliant, plus your not afraid to use it, so it will see regular outings to the Pod.....currently we have absolutely no data on what an RB engined Z will do, but my guess is that a mid 12's could be on the cards depending on how mad you want to go......hey maybe even ....no don't even think about it.:devil:

    Come on Dave get your skates on

    Gentlemen start your projects on who can be the first RB engined Z in the UK, winner has to have a road legal fully mapped car either on Video or appearing at a Z club event.
  3. Zed2k

    Zed2k New Forum User

    Nice one Dave, I too am changing direction with my engine after it let go at Donnington, as I am going the L6 Turbo conversion, this when tuned should also be capable of going at least mid 12's. so my 240z will be in the garge for at least a year...plus ..but when it returns it will be a beasty....
  4. datsun dave

    datsun dave
    Z Club Member

    Steve both Andy and Darren are way ahead of me it is down to one of them to be the first RB engined Z in the UK

    also had a call tonight and will be going to look at a Skyline Engine in the morning :)
  5. datsun dave

    datsun dave
    Z Club Member

    Go and have a look at the www.hybridz.org site in the US it has its own RB part with somes 1/4 times and dyno reports.
  6. SKiddell

    SKiddell Having a bad day

    Hmmm gonna get mightly lonely in S30 class 1

    But fear not we still have

    Mike Brown
    Adrian Rawlins
    Status (The walking shampoo advert) "alright geeza"

    Even Geoff Gale has shown interest

    Heck might even get Rob "Her name is Rio" Hughes coming out to play
  7. chunk

    chunk New Forum User

    Nice one Dave! :D

    Glad you are going for it! Keep me informed on the progress.

  8. SKiddell

    SKiddell Having a bad day

    Sorry Dave, I meant to say we have no data in the UK.................... anyway American 1/4 miles are differant (shorter:D) Plus wasnt it the case that in the US, the Skyline was only ever an indirect import and never sold directly from Nissan, so RB25's and 26's were more prolific in Japan (naturally), Aus and here. Possibly wrong there but felt sure I read it somewhere
  9. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer in training Staff Member Committee Member


    This might give you inspiration:
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  10. SKiddell

    SKiddell Having a bad day

    Look into my eyes, my eyes, not around the eyes but into the eyes
    When I click my fingers you will go to OS Giken and get them to build you an RB 30

    Seriously though guys (Dave I know you are know this;) ) for anyone interested the RB30 in stock form is not earth shattering (its a single cam jobbie) however OS Giken make a kit

    basically fitting an RB25 head onto this combo will produce some stunning results ----- should do really for that money:(

  11. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    Tongue in cheek - is this because you'll never catch Mr Skiddell ;) ?

    Also, re the sump, if you moved the engine back (and improve the weight-distribution) would the original sump still hit the crossmember ?

    Great idea and I look forward to reading about it, seeing the picture and with your permission, copy and translate it for the French sector !
  12. datsun dave

    datsun dave
    Z Club Member

    Yes you are right i take my hat off to Steve so my only chance to catch him is to go RB

    and would be glad to see it on your French site.
  13. zedhead260

    zedhead260 New Forum User

    Sorry but I doubt that very much. There is about tobe a huge delay in my car hitting the road.

    ...now pending a re-spray !! ;)
  14. Mr Ex

    Mr Ex I've seen it, I've been there.

    Dave is it your mustard car you are changing the engine on or are you doing another one up.
  15. zeeman1972

    zeeman1972 New Forum User

    Excellent another hybrid Z!

    Dave, very much look forward to the build photos!

    All the best with it!
  16. datsun dave

    datsun dave
    Z Club Member

    Yep the Mustard one or Gold 920 or as alan puts it "Baby S**t Brown"
  17. Mr Ex

    Mr Ex I've seen it, I've been there.

    It's Sean that calls it that colour,I was being kind to it because he is right for once it IS s..t brown. Is it Warby who has bought all the gubbins off it?
  18. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    No, no, no - it's Alan that calls it baby sh*t brown - I call it peanut butter sh*t brown :)

    So Warby's got wise and his old nail will fly now ?
  19. GTR-240Z

    GTR-240Z New Forum User

    Good luck Dave, and don't rush it take your time ;)
  20. datsun dave

    datsun dave
    Z Club Member

    Thanks Darren

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