power steering for a 280z


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I have done the conversion on a RHD using a Subaru rack and 280zx drive (pump, tensioner, belts etc). It looks fairly good in the engine bay with a L series engine and works well. There should be a write up on the forum somewhere.

chris frizzell

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Thanks Sean was looking on French ebay for a rack so any more info is great if you get chance the gent on you tube is called Mike Hunt yes realy .He does some great mod iam doing the brake booster up grade with a Toyota hi lux . many thanks Chris

Matt Berry

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I used a corsa B electric power steering unit and got a separate sensitivity controller. Cost me about £80. Need to cut the unit into the steering shaft and make some mounts. Wasn’t particularly difficult and works well


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Click Here for Silvermine Motors version.
I put in this electric set up 1 1/2 years ago. Works very well and is much appreciated when slow going and turning. The optional GPS sensor is up on my dash next to the VIN plate240z_280z_power_steering_kit_electric.jpg. It sometimes takes a few minutes or so to see the satellite and reduce the assist. Not too hard to install. A real help when running wide and offset wheels/tires.