pictures of my new car still in Japan


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The only reason for selling i have to many cars.
How many is too many though? In the past 2 years I sold an Imp and two Vogues and bought my 260Z. Feeling something wasn't right in January this year I bought a lovely Rover 75 grandad spec 1.8 saloon. It's genuinely a good car and was so cheap I started looking at the cost of other 75s. Then a mate picked up a decent MG ZT 190 very little cash. I had a drive and loved it. So on Saturday I'm picking up an MG ZT of my own to go with the 75. Sold 3, bought 3. Too many cars? No such thing.


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I have 6 cars and that is to many and expensive i just dont get the time to drive them all,and if you don't drive them sell them so somebody else can.