pictures of my new car still in Japan


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Nice car, but my god, i wouldn't begrudge anyone trying to do any work in that engine bay! hurts my eyes just looking at it :confused:


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Looks fantastic, and on the "to buy" list, just wish they weren't so hard to work on !


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Thanks i think that is why they are still cheaper than the rest of the Nissan range buys are scared of the working on aspect. The car i bought is a Japanese market only 1997 slight changes from europe.


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Are you going to keep it as it is or mod it?

Also, is that the 'brickyard' colour or a different one?


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Keeping the car standard see if the exhaust is ok if not i will put a stainless on the car.If the 'brickyard' is Purple yes it is.
Music to my ears! Those cars can be superb when modded, but this one is so original it would be a shame to make it less so.

I love that colour!! The US were lucky to have the 350Z with it: