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parts needed to finish restoration

Discussion in 'Z31 (300ZX) General' started by mrM, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. mrM

    mrM Forum User

    im in the final stages of my 1985 z31 restoration and require these parts if anybody has them 1- black trim that goes across the back of the bonnet (preface-lift} 2-blower switch amplifier box that fits on the blower box under the dash 3-fuel gauge sender unit from inside the fuel tank 4-fuel filler lid spring 5-turbo rear brake discs 304mm (preface-lift) 6-under bonnet liner in excellent condition :lol: (preface-lift) if anybody has these bits pm me please.......cheers
  2. mrM

    mrM Forum User

    bonnet trim still needed plus one of the long luggage straps that go in the boot preferably in blue or failing that black
  3. ChazL

    Z Club Committee
    Committee Member

    I think I may just have a pair of early Z31 rear turbo discs. They will probably require skimming. Also I do have a pair of very good early rear turbo callipers
    I have a z31 turbo bonnet with good lagging. Also complete door rubbers both sides. and positively tons of other early Z31 Yummies such as headlights,
    door and wing panels. Theres a turbo tailgate which requires a new glass and boxes of electrical parts including various speedo and gauges.
    Finally an absolute mint of an interior set of seats inc rear 2+2 bench all in very scarce mole. You can have the lot. say £400 Quid or make me a sensible offer.

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