Part suppliers

Jason McIvor

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Just a quick message on these guys - appreciate I'm bumping an old thread but some great links here.

I contacted them directly during their Black Friday deal - ended up ordering about £1000 worth of panels. They had arrived within 2 weeks directly from Colombia. Fantastic quality.

They now have an EU store - it is unknown what the quality of their panels are from here:

They need to make some T-shirts of their opening screen - very cool illustration 👍👍👍


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I would like to add, a japanese firm who stock genuine nissan parts at very reasonable cost.

Hood emblems - 65810-E4601 at £24.65 (Z store $87)
trim clips 90909-E4100 at £1 each

These are significantly lower cost that from the US when taking into account shipping costs.

You have to know the nissan part numbers and they dont stock everything, but worth a try first