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P**s (yellow) poor project !

Discussion in 'S30 (240Z / 260Z / 280Z)' started by SeanDezart, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. ZHead

    ZHead Well-Known Forum User

    Sean I was teasing, I already knew about your plans for power steering when you asked me but was initially under the impression that a hydraulic system had been installed.

    The thing that has always amused me in some of these threads is the perceived competition when in actual fact DJ and Laurence work together to produce cars like Dominic's and Larry Horn's. I think it fair to say that they share information such as how to install power steering and sometimes work together to overcome problems when appropriate. They are both at the top of their respective games and both pioneer new ideas. It is inevitable that they share and discuss things when they are both part of the team building a high profile car.

    How do you think I knew about your steering ? ;) :D

    Can't rightly remember the model but most of the range is a bit corse.

    Indeed, so the electrical part of our systems will be identical - coincidence ? I think not.

  2. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Well-Known Forum User

    Fun innit ? Both of us want cars that have similar 'manners', yours' with a modern V8 (and some parts overkill ?), mine with the trusty L-series and parts sufficient for the job - no more !

    Possible reason (?) for your 'over-kill) is the new territory your car is entering and your desire to be sure. 'Cos mine is trusty, well-proven stuff, I can 'get away' with 'enough' and no more ! Does keep the cost down :)
  3. ZHead

    ZHead Well-Known Forum User

    Similar destination point, different journey to get there - I doubt any two extensively modified S30s are actually the same anyway.

    You still have not answered what's left to do ? The whole shell looks complete and finished, the engine I guess is too so what are your next steps ? Any timescales ?

    As Rob is following Steve in the TB game are you planning TBs or are you going to stick with your carbs ? Is the engine spec fixed now or still fluid ?
  4. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Well-Known Forum User

    I doubt any two standard S30s are actually the same ........:D !

    Carbs. Of course ;) ! And yes, the engine is more or less fixed now - can't improve upon a perfect ROAD L series engine ! There are always little extras going on that weren't planned eg. rear wheel disc brakes, another couple of speakers - yes it has a hi-fi, it's a ROAD car ! Inertia reel seat-belts AND harnesses for track days.

    Left to do :

    Re-wiring and checking the electrics
    Certain little cosmetic niceties
    Fitting the drive train and engine, exhaust etc
    Fitting the rear brakes
    Fitting the interior
    Setting up the suspension
    Corner weighting and fine tuning
    Rolling road


    All potential customers, racers and rallyers please not - LEAVE HIM ALONE !

    Timescale ? Well, I've booked my track sessions at Le Mans Classic in July so......

    There's other stuff I want to do (eg. larger fuel tank + ?) but I'll enjoy her first eh ?
  5. zedhead260

    zedhead260 Well-Known Forum User

    I'm thinking of having his rear disc conversion - I'm not convinced the car really needs them, but it may just look a little odd with big vented rotors and four pots up front and stock rear drums.
  6. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Well-Known Forum User

    Well, I know what you mean. At the beginning of the project, I decided that since most of the braking was at the front and what with the Wilwood set-up, a completely new rear drum brake system would suffice (especially looking at the cost of kits available at the time) !

    Since then, the road rules have changed and it's becomming harder to enjoy our cars on the road without being severly penalised so...that leaves circuit days and to enjoy the car that means several. Throw in the kit that Dave has developed (with a handbrake that works ;-) and the projected price and it all becomes more feasible.

    He now has a completly new rear 240Z brake system spare :) There is also the question of asthetics - I agree with you that it'll look a whole lot better !
    Car should have had 'em in the first place !

    Arr, another theme of course is my car following the lines of what I think it could have evolved as without emissions laws, the oil crisis, the introduction of 2+2s and looking for a more luxury image and soft-confort clientele !
  7. zedhead260

    zedhead260 Well-Known Forum User

    I'll more than likely be at Dave's Friday - shall I take my camera ??
  8. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Well-Known Forum User

    By all means - just remember who's first in line for his attention :) !
  9. DJZ 60

    DJZ 60 Well-Known Forum User

    I am ! I've been speaking to Dave,& he's going to re-crome my crome.
    I asked him about his workload (or backload) of work,& he said
    don't worry about 'That' thing,Its not going anywhere cause
    he's doing Zedheads jobs,along with Zhead, & Skiddell's &
    Qunvat's & status's curler's ,& a few other bit's & bob's.
    Dave has Radar & when any one comes across the channel
    He walks over to the yellow fever malaria thing & pretends to be
    interested.He has asked me to keep this to myself,so I'm not
    going to spread any unnesssary rumours in case it hurts anyones
    dealings. Lots of love......DJZ 60.:cool:
  10. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Well-Known Forum User

  11. zedhead260

    zedhead260 Well-Known Forum User

    Batteries are in.............
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  12. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Well-Known Forum User

    Thanks Rob - I'm a little jealous that you see more progress than I :)

    What did you think of the car then ?
  13. zedhead260

    zedhead260 Well-Known Forum User

    I think it looks lovely and the colour suits it well. I've considered doing my TA22 in something similar before but will probably stick with white (with possibly two black stripes down the bonnet).

    I want that power steering system too, I think it will make the world of difference in driving pleasure.

    I ordered those rear discs whilst I was there :devil:
  14. zedhead260

    zedhead260 Well-Known Forum User

    So, we've seen Baby Shit Brown and now we have Baby Pee Yellow.
    All we need now is Baby Sick Pink !!!

  15. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Well-Known Forum User

    But why haven't we sen a baby sick (?) pink ? Poreche did it with the 917 so there is a precedent !

    I think the proof that you've no kids as sick isn't pink unless there's blood init !
  16. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Well-Known Forum User

    Here is my new rear truly bolt-on rear disc 2-piston brake kit, working handbrake and al :)
    I bought two - the other is on the classifieds page !
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  17. zedhead260

    zedhead260 Well-Known Forum User

    Looks like a single piston slider to me - but haven't collected my set yet.
  18. DJZ 60

    DJZ 60 Well-Known Forum User

    He must have bought dodgy ones! They could see him coming!
    ''Hey look! it's that bloke he'll ave owt, quick double the price tag & tell him it's got
    two pistons.''If he argues....say we'll send the other two pistons in the post!
    DJZ 60.:D
  19. Mr.F

    Mr.F Inactive

    They have got two pistons - it's just that the other one is on the opposite side of the car!
  20. Wyn

    Z Club Member

    2 pot rear calipers ;)

    o/s n n/s :D

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