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Os giken tc24-b1z

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by morbias, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. morbias

    morbias Well-Known Forum User

  2. Ian

    Z Club Member

    Would love one of these, over an RB26 any day, but theres no way I could ever afford one.
  3. morbias

    morbias Well-Known Forum User

    Nobody needs two kidneys
  4. rallymanDP

    rallymanDP Well-Known Forum User

    Mortgage your House, sell the Wife, etc., etc to buy one if available.

    Last year the Rally Prep company which built the Perez/Bell/Haddon Safari 240Z's was talking ( very seriously ) about having the Twin-cam Cylinder heads remanufactured - anyone know if this ever happened ?
  5. morbias

    morbias Well-Known Forum User

    According to the article it did and they can be ordered. Would be interesting to find out the cost! That timing setup is insane, and there I was thinking the Kameari idler gear was a nifty bit of engineering
  6. tel240z

    Z Club Member

    So if i put one of these in my 240 would i still be in class 1 at the pod L series n/a :devil:
  7. zpuppy

    zpuppy Well-Known Forum User

    I have gotta have one,,,SERIOUS money though :eek: But gawd daaaam, the engineering that went into that beast,,,it is actually " engine porn " :eek: :thumbs::thumbs:
  8. zpuppy

    zpuppy Well-Known Forum User

    About the same price as a really decent original 240z :eek::eek:
  9. morbias

    morbias Well-Known Forum User

    Holy hell, check out the specs (and the compression ratio!)


    It looks like they definitely are for sale then, it says at the bottom that pistons aren't included and must be ordered separately
  10. franky

    franky Well-Known Forum User

    how much are they?
  11. Torby

    Torby Forum User

    Would love to see the power and torque graph for this engine. The engine in OS Gikens Demo car even has ITB's and distributorless ignition with coilpacks. The holy grail.
  12. richiep

    Z Club Member

    If you have to ask, you can't afford it! :D

    Its not just a case of buying the head. It comes as part of a 3.2l engine complete package.

    The price in 2009 when these were first talked about was US$30,000. But that was before the current project was kicked off - which as the article says is a full refresh with various design changes. Elsewhere on the web I've seen prices of $90-100k listed (could be hyperbole to some degree though)....

    Here are more pictures and info from the Nostalgic 2 Days show last year:
    EVENT>> NOSTALGIC 2 DAYS - PT.2 - Speedhunters

    A couple of these are on my lottery win shopping list... :bow:
  13. Ian Patmore

    Ian Patmore Well-Known Forum User

    The Kameari chain set does make a lovely whirring/rattle sound, the timing set up of this whriring round must a joy to hear...
  14. SKiddell

    SKiddell Well-Known Forum User

    I think your thinking of the crossflow LY head which was used on some works cars in the 70's and homologated, there was an independant project to model and re create it for competition use where as the TC is another animal.

    As for the twin cam ......some said it would never happen:devil:
    The TC24 project has been on the cards for a while, certain OS-Giken dealers were phoning around a couple of years ago gauging interest, clearly its a premium price for a premium kit, I wouldnt be suprised at £30-40K.
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  15. morbias

    morbias Well-Known Forum User

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