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Nissan Z might be dead article

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Dougs260z, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Dougs260z

    Z Club Member

    I found this article

    In light of the success of the GTR does Nissan need Z's?

    Skylines/GTR's were always the performance saloon and Z's the sports cars. GTR's have become sports cars and Z's have morphed into something similar.

    The obvious solution is for Z's to reduce in size and perhaps be redesigned to a simpler style, my preference is this.

    and the most dreadful one that will make you sick is

  2. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    Been saying it for years, the 370 can't compete at that spec level and Nissan should have brought out something on the scale of the Toyota GT86 and why not a convertible using a smaller engine for a Fairlady revival ?

    On the smaller Z scene, Toyota can do it :

    and so can Honda :

    but our biggest hurdle is ol' Carlo and maybe soon he eff off :
  3. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    Agree with your thoughts on both those concept cars, Doug. That first one was from 2009! Be hard to improve much on it I think. Maybe the back could be less Marcos-like but apart from that, looks really good, profile is spot on.

    The gold thing, there are just no words!
  4. Jay.

    Z Club Member

    Would love to see a GT86 rival from Nissan
  5. moggy240

    moggy240 INSURANCE VALUATIONS OFFICER Committee Member

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