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New restoration products

Discussion in 'MJP Eastern Auto' started by Mr.F, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. Mr.F

    Z Club Member

    From a recent thread, reproduction tailgate hinge pockets now available:

    £134.95 + VAT a pair though...

    Repro horn push for 240Z - close to original. Availble with "Datsun" or "Z" logo (as below)
    £89.95 + VAT

    Repro OEM specification rear silencer:
    £244.95 + VAT

    Also, a new range for many of the hard to get bolt / washer kits, e.g. tool box door and rear luggage strap kit, tailgate hinge kit (flat head chamfer set screws and angled toothed washers - not been available for years).

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