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While you are there with the cover off, may I suggest you check the valve clearances with a feeler gauge?

Do you know if that’s a stock cam? If not the clearances may be different to stock.

Now, did you remove the “cylinder head” or just the “cam cover”? I suspect you meant the latter. I always check the head bolts’ torques when I take the cover off. If you have a torque wrench, it’s a 3 min job.

You should always refer to the FSM for your car but generally, I find this site to be a useful easy reference / easier to read on my phone screen while working under / on the car…



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Thanks Alik.

I certainly did mean valve cover. Just a slip of the typing whilst thinking about other things 👍

I don't have any of those tools but will put those jobs on the list for next time.
How would I tell if the cam is stock or not? Codes etc?

Many thanks!
Cheers 🍻

PS Progress so far on cover.


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Have a look with a mirror for anything stamped on the rear end of the cam by the bulkhead.
a single letter will be stock Nissan, anything else not.


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Finished result!

Two of the bolts are not correct though!
Anyone have any spare valve cover bolts!?


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Hi all! It's been a while, which means I haven't spent any money. So that's nice.

I have a leak in what looks like an oil sensor? Just above the filter?
Any idea as to a good fix?

Many thanks and stay well all!


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That’s the oil pressure sensor. Tried tightening up?

No fix for this you need replace it or your car will not start as, believe it or not, it’s part of the ignition sequence and safety circuit in the event of an accident. No oil pressure reading will cut fuel to the engine.


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Hi Huw! Sorry, will do photo tomorrow.
It looks like the leak is also at the block BUT I have a good pressure reading at the dash.

Quite a lot of oil being lost.

Cheers all!