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Hi Josh.

Whilst I respect everyones individuality, that wouldn’t be my cup of tea mate. Hope the prep goes well, most important part of the bodywork process but the most boring 😜


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So far so good on the paint prep and don’t worry, it’s just going to be black 🤣😎


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Right then right then!
Before you judge me, it looks mega cool. Exceptionally mean 🤙

I used Upol's Raptor Liner and it is a GOD SEND i tell you. A GOD SEND!
SO easy to use and looks amazing, if you don;t mind your car looking like the batmobile.

The money I have saved on paint can now go to the fun stuff; engine, suspension and chassis upgrades,

Stay well all 👍


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A few shots in daylight 🤘
I will paint the headlight surrounds, just waiting for friend’s compressor. The paint was rolled on otherwise!



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Hi all.

Went out for a little drive today and bam! Oil coming out of the motor somewhere and no power.

Where are the likely suspects on an L28?
What are good preventative things to do when in the motor for repairs?

Many thanks in advance.
JB 🍻


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Hi Jon.

Thanks for the reply.
Now I've been towed back home, it looks like the main volume of oil is from the oil pan. Gasket replace would be good to do anyway.
The head has leaked for a while so perhaps I'll do that too. None of these things can hurt!

Doesn't want to run and oil pressure fell off a cliff!

Any particularities I need to look out for?

Many thanks.


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well if its lost all its oil, it won't run well 😬
you'll have to open it up to see what the damage is.