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New owner, 280ZX Targa, Auto 2+2

Discussion in 'New to the website!' started by Sumit Gulati, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. Sumit Gulati

    Sumit Gulati
    Z Club Member

    Hi all, I bought a 1984 280ZX few months ago. Enjoyed autumn driving and am now starting to do some works. Any suggestions
    1. For sealing water leak from the targa panel. Mechanic suggests that the rubber needs changing. Any advice where to look for targa roof and door rubber? I want it sound proofed a bit more and change seal on all doors. What should it cost?
    2. Speakers, audio system. I plan to keep the original cassette player. It has another empty slot. Can I put a new system. What should I look for size etc.
    3. Rear wiper moving a few degrees and stops.
    4. Dash lights coming on randomly and when accelerating up with voltmeter for battery going of the scale. One mechanic mentioned that electric relay box in steering wheel needs changing. Anybody had it changed? where to find one?
    Thanks and happy driving.
  2. Huw

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member


    Nice to see another 280ZX owner on the forum! In answer to some of your questions:

    1. Door rubbers are no longer available as a rule, you might be able to get some good second hand examples from cars being broken (drop a line to Chappers on the forum, he has broken a few 2+2, he may be able to help you). Keep an eye on the forum and on eBay. You might still get the targa rubbers from the Z Store - Mike Feeney (Mr.F on the forum) MJP Eastern Autos might also be able to help you out with some difficult to get bits.

    2. Im pretty sure 280Zx had separate radio and cassette decks, dependant on the model spec. The cassette deck would have fitted into the empty slot next to the radio. If you are looking to keep the original look, they do crop up now and again on eBay from the states for silly money. Generally the elastic drive bands will have perished and will need to be replaced to get them working again. If you have a combined radio cassette deck, it maybe an aftermarket version that replaced your radio in the past.

    3. Probably best replacing it. Have a look on eBay, they do pop up. Also, drop a line to Chappers.

    4. Difficult to say what the cause might be, do all the instrument lights come on (dash and console etc)? Could be a defective volt meter or bad connections, for the voltmeter issue. Could be a bad connection on the illumination rheostat if all the interior instrument lights flicker. I would need to know a bit more about the symptoms really. Im not sure what 'relay box in the steering wheel' your mechanic is mentioning. I would suspect the lighting relay if the headlights were playing up, but that doesn't live in the steering area. I would check connections first.

    Glad you are enjoying the car, any pictures?


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