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Neary there to getting my 260Z

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Fastededdie, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Fastededdie

    Z Club Member

    Hi I joined a while ago to find a little more about these beautiful cars and hopefully I am nearly there to getting an amazing 260Z from a friend whoes had it for 30yrs and never drove it at all for all that time. I'd say the car is concourse. It has Delorto Tripple Webbers in it and Janspeed Exhust . But as you can gather I have little knowledge at the moment. I used to have a Jensen Interceptor that I restored and is now sold. I did't want another project as life is to short and just want to enjoy the car. I will post some pics as soon as it lands.

    Iam based in Reading so it would be great to here from any members close by.

    Thanks Eddie Turner
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  2. IbanezDan51

    Z Club Member

    Welcome! Looking forward to you getting it so we can see it!
  3. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer Staff Member Moderator

    Hello Eddie, welcome to the Club and yes I'd like to see pictures. So I assume the car is unknown to the Club or perhaps only the very long-term members.

    Is the car a 2 seater or the longer 2/2?

    By the way the car will either have Dellorto carbs or Weber carbs - very similar but different.
  4. Fastededdie

    Z Club Member

    Hi yes it is a 2 seater as I am not keen on the 2+2. Triple Webbers I believe. It is my dream car. Iv driven them all, Porsches 911 993 Lotus Esprite Aston Maritn Jensen Interceptor. 944. Capri 2.8 Audi Quattro guess Iv been lucky. Not a monied person but have always found a way to own such great cars. My point is I love the early Datsun Zs more than all of em in a funny way.
  5. Ian

    Z Club Member

    Welcome, sounds like you might end up with a great car, you'l love it, I never expected to love mine as much as I did when I got it. I actually expected it to be lacking a bit in stock form, but it was great from the first drive.

    Has it been run at all? Driven at all or just dry stored and not moved or started in those 30 years?
  6. TimW

    TimW 1978 UK RHD 260z

    Hi Eddie,

    Welcome to the club.

    I don't know how one can own a Z and not drive it.. :).. I drive mine at every opportunity :)..

    Sounds like a great buy, looking forward to any pics you have.

    Keep an eye on the Events section on the forum, would be great to see you and the Z at meets.

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  7. Ian

    Z Club Member

    Yeah, when mine was last on the road I was averaging nearly 3000 miles a year, which doesn't sound much until you realise I was only in the country for 10 weeks per year and it was used only for fun and only in the dry.
  8. Mr Ex Jnr

    Mr Ex Jnr
    Z Club Member

    Hello welcome :)

    I had a bloke come and collect a few bits of me for his white 260z at the weekend that him and his brother had inherited off there dad
    Been of road since 84 they were getting it up and running was a solid carton dunno why it got kept off road so long he had told me he had been in it no.more than 3x
    Looked a fair bit older than me too :)

    Amazing what people have and don't do with stuff but was great to hear he was getting it back on the road
  9. Fastededdie

    Z Club Member

    Hi Ian I know sounds crazy but when we where young he used to drive it around. He cleans it starts it that's all. He worked on bikes and cars all his life. You know one of those guys that can do majic mechanics and builds. He used to make bikes frames and all by hand as a teenager. It's been his prized possession for years, Think it's only done 10.000 miles. In Navy blue. I have to keep it stum ie pics and all at the moment as I don't want a bidding war.
    I am a couple of weeks away from getting it. I know I will be tempted to add bits and bobs to it. But I will resist the temptation and try try to keep it as is. I mean these cars are great to drive anyhows and the margins are small adding this and that.
  10. Jake RAH

    Jake RAH
    Z Club Member

    Hi Eddie, welcome to the club, and more importantly welcome to times ahead owning & driving one of the coolest cars ever produced IMHO ;)

    Pics we wanna see some pics!!! :)

    Hopefully we'll meet up in 2020 :driving:
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  11. Ian

    Z Club Member

    At least its started sometimes, so the engine won't be bad.

    Cars don't like not being used, but it sounds like its well looked after so you should be fine.
  12. Fastededdie

    Z Club Member

    Very true. I'v been a member of the Jensen club for years. Its the same there they keep em locked away. Poor cars; they have souls you know. Ian I know your the man to talk to for any advise if I need it. Is that ok? Seen your build and looks amazing what you'v done.
  13. Ian

    Z Club Member

    While I would never want to use my car in the wet I can't wait to get it out at every opportunity in the dry. The car will be happy you've taken it and it might get out more often now.

    Thanks, happy to help, but this forum is filled with very experienced people with a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience, so anything I don't know someone else certainly will.

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