My first classic (part-refurb) '78 280z, LHD, auto, Ex-California

Jason McIvor

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I have an integrated sunroof - all metal sunroof that fits inside the roof, not one of the glass flippy-uppy jobs

I am trying to find some T-shaped weatherstripping/waterproofing to put around the outside of the sunroof too give some additional protection

Anyone know where I can get something like this ? Seems there are loads of inclined T-shape weatherstripping but not straight T-shaped weatherstripping


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if no joy with the above, there's a huge variety of seals and the like for showers and double glazing, so a search on ebay for them might find something.


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These guys do a vast variety of rubber seals. I’ve used them extensively for all sorts of weird seals for prewar vintage cars. They should have something that will do what you need.


Jason McIvor

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Front Sills protection

Folks - front sills are a becoming a bit of mess - numerous failed attempts to get a jack under the car (not all by me) have them a little beaten up
Couple of questions
- Anything specialised you do to treat this ? My plan is to tape the effected area off, rub down to the metal, treat with anti-rust and respray/paint
- Longer term protection : is there a way of longer term protecting this particular area as it seems to be an area of particular use/damage

As always - any suggestions greatly appreciated


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I think you have a bit of filler in the bottom of that wing and in the end of the sill panel so it might not be as straight forward as it looks.