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My first 240z

Discussion in 'New to the website!' started by Bobafett, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Bobafett

    Bobafett Forum User


    Thought it was time for the honourable formal introduction and to say 'hello' to this splendid community, especially now that I am in safe possession of my first 'Z'

    I say 'first' in the sense that I can see how addictive ownership of these beauties can be :driving: I'm not however new to the classic car scene, far from it - over 30 years, with current cars including a 1967 Sunbeam Tiger (Ford V8) :D

    Had the sudden bug about 2 years ago to have an early Z, and it had to be in 918 Orange. As I do use my classics in Europe, a LHD offering wasn't an issue so off I started to look overseas, mainly at the Californian market as I had no skillset to start any serious bodywork. A couple of close trades nearly saw me an owner, but all fell through, and one in particular which I thought I had in the bag, ended up with another buyer at the last minute. It was very disheartening. Dealing on a car so far away was proving difficult as I like to see and feel what I am getting. That was over 12 months ago, and kinda halted my search with other issues taking priority at home.

    Anyway, fast forward to early this month and I flew out to Essen for the Techno Classica motor show in Germany. Been before, and you do get to see some real nice exotica that you don't normally see at home - also, the beer and frankfurters are much nicer :cheers:

    With no intention as a buyer, yet that's where I saw Romas from DCW Classics selling a recently imported Californian car, and in the 918 I wanted! Being an honest car, a deal was eventually done and I was coming home from the show having bought a classic. Thankfully Mrs T approved straightaway when I showed her a pic of my new beauty! Phew!!

    Datsun does need some fettling mainly cosmetic, but it's nice to have a rust free straight honest car to work with. NOVA done, and now being worked on to get through the UK MOT and replacing all perishables and rubbers. Once done will then tackle the DVLA paperwork. A good thorough service, before she starts to be used. Hoping to take her for the Spa Classic in September.

    Together with using this forum as a database and wealth of knowledge I have already had dealings some some of the fine members on here - and it's certainly a friendly place to hang out (unlike some non-car forums I have been on!) Hopefully as a long time classic car owner I will be soon be able to give back something to the community, and meet some of you fine boys and girls at various meets across the country.

    Anyway, enough of my rambling a few pics :thumbs:

    First pic when she finally arrived in the UK.


    A few snaps I took when I first saw the Datsun in Germany.










    It was a one lady owner from Feb 1973 out of California, and Romas had swopped out the carbs and also fitted a 5 Speed box as originally the car was an Auto. Engine is strong and purrs lovely.

    Oddly the tailgate has rust issues around the rubber which is weird, and the passenger door also been painted. Doubt I will go for a full respray just yet, just sort the rust around the rear screen and polish the rest

    Think the first real mod will be upgrade front and rear roll bars from Mike at MJP - another top bloke with a fab reputation :driving:

    I believe Romas from DCW Classics is also on here, he's a most decent chap to deal with and a real gent!! Thanks again for allowing me access to the forum, been a real help in knowing what to look for when you are relatively new to Z's :thumbs:

    I'm in the Wirral, and I see a few members are close by in the North West :coolgleam:
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  2. red baron

    red baron Forum User

  3. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    I only know of Romas through Facebook but he has a really good (and growing) reputation. That's looks to be a lovely example you have there mate ... ! Enjoy fettling it bit by bit.
  4. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Great looking car and welcome to the club.
  5. Wyn

    Wyn Active Forum User

    I do like that, possibly one of the cleanest I've seen in a long time !!
  6. Woody928

    Z Club Member

    Wow cool story and nice buy :thumbs:

    This is unbelievably similar/relatable to my involvement and purchase of my 240Z. I was also after an early 240Z in 918 orange and imported one last summer with my dad as a joint toy. I certainly know your pain in terms of the stress and hassle of having searched and seriously considered cars from several thousand miles away.

    If your interested here's our story

    I would like to think you've saved yourself a lot of hassle having purchased in Europe and not having to worry about importing in quite the same way.

    I've spoken to Romas a few times through facebook as well and he seems like a really straight up guy who knows his Z's. Did you get to see the green one he's just completed while out in Germany? The photos of that car look spectacular.

    Let me know what you think of the anti roll bars from MJP as they're certainly on my upgrade list. I look forward to following your updates.
  7. Mr Tenno

    Mr Tenno
    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Committee Member

    The orange 240z army grows stronger :D Welcome!
  8. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    I've followed this car through Romas's hands - she'll be a good one.
  9. RomasDCW

    RomasDCW New Forum User

    Hi Tony! :) Was really nice to meet ya, you will enjoy it! :)
  10. AliK

    Z Club Committee
    Committee Member

    Very nice car!! Welcome to the forum.

    BTW I also have some rust around the inside of my rear screen. So replacing all screen runners especially as they leak when I wash the car.

    Looking forward to seeing your progress with her and the car in the flesh.

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  11. jimyj

    jimyj Forum User

    Hi Tony , good to see you have finally got a Z , it does indeed look good .
    Catch up soon , real shame you cant make France in Sept . Jim
  12. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    Coming into/through France, let me know, people here'd like to meet you.:cool:
  13. Bobafett

    Bobafett Forum User

    Thanks Guys for the warm welcome, and am certainly very pleased with it so far. Yet to drive it, so itching to go!!

    We did find rust on the car yesterday, and other then around the rear screen rubber as mentioned - in the spare wheel around the drain plug grommet I have some serious rot :D


    Tailgate rubber will certainly be replaced to keep it all watertight for sure. Most of the underseal underneath has flaked off, but good to see still have solid metal all round.

    Thanks, yes I saw your thread with interest - and gave me the heads up on the rear lights from the links within posted by fellow members and that's first on the list to get some Euro lights sorted this weekend. That Green Datsun which was being offered same time as mine at Essen was something else, a fantastic job done by Romas and I believe now in a private collection in Germany.

    From my brief chat with Mike I believe that the anti-roll bar will be a worthy upgrade. I hadn't appreciated that for the American market the front sway bar setup was quite minimalistic and non existent on the rears. Hopefully 1" up front and 7/8" at the back will make a huge difference as that will suit my driving style.

    Thank you again Romas, I am most pleased with the car and am looking forwward to many miles with her!

    I am loving your recent Facebook post on the dreaded 'rust' issues found on our Datsuns. Great article :thumbs: You really do know your onions :D
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  14. Bobafett

    Bobafett Forum User

    Cheers Jim, and hopefully Harry is still talking to me :D

    Enjoy Angoulême - I have never been but believe it will be fab!

    Thanks, I do love French food, wine, the pretty girls and the empty roads (in that order!) :smoke:
  15. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    Looks like it's full of rust, then, this one. Sell it :D
  16. Mark N

    Mark N
    Z Club Member

    Nice car, it doesn't look like it will take too much work to get it looking great!
    Has the engine bay been painted, it looks like new?
  17. Bobafett

    Bobafett Forum User

    Mark, I believe original paint still in the engine bay, assuming it has been thoroughly cleaned/polished before the sale to me. Original stickers are still showing.

    It's originality is quite something else even down to the braided/sheaf covering on the heater matrix hoses. I have new rubbers to go on the car, even though pipes/seals/bushes haven't failed but with the plan to taking her abroad - then reliability is going to be paramount.

    Tailgate and offside door have been painted, and not very well. Roof also suffered some scuffing and scrapes in the container shipping from the US. So have the dilemma to repaint the whole car or just leave as is for now and enjoy the patina, scuffs and odd scrape.

    I believe somebody has retro fitted an electric fuel pump, which seems to be doing its job!

  18. toopy

    Z Club Member

    Nice original looking car that :thumbs:

    Worry about the paintwork issues a bit later, get her on the road, get some miles under your belt, and just enjoy the ride! :D
  19. Bobafett

    Bobafett Forum User

    Productive weekend, having completed one of the jobs for the impending MOT. Sourced a set of rear Euro lights from this very forum, and required refurbishment after many years in a barn! With the help of the online wealth of information, and some useful pointers on here I jumped into the task.

    Very pleased with the end result, and a job ticked off the list :cheers:



    Hot water works a treat parting the glue seal.


    Amazing how dirty with road muck they get inside, despite being enclosed units.


    Before and after a bit of elbow grease, wasn't quite sure how much polish to use - but seems to be plenty of chrome material to work with!


    These little gritters are so damn brittle!!




    Finished product :thumbs:

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  20. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    Nice - good job. Leaving the lights in the freezer also works to nulify the glue.

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