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My 99 spec lights LED project

Discussion in 'Z32 (300ZX)' started by Lexx, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Lexx

    Lexx Well-Known Forum User

    I spend 2 weeks at a time on a boat, so when I have down time on an evening I like to keep busy.

    So over the past few nights, I've been doing a wee LED project.

    Got a set of spare rear lights, and have stripped them and added the 99 spec pin stripes.

    Then had a play with some Amber SMD strips. Below is where I am at the moment. I think I may add another strip on the lower part of the lights.

    The tail/stop lights are gonna remain normal (although I may change them out for LED bulbs. I don't see much advantage in adding SMD strips in them. The only reason I have done this with the indicators is that it annoyed me that when indicating there was only a tiny portion of the light that lit up.


  2. Mr HollowPoint

    Mr HollowPoint Well-Known Forum User

    Nice job mate, well done.
  3. Mrs HollowPoint

    Mrs HollowPoint Well-Known Forum User

    Yes go with another light strip - may aswell!
    I havent been brave enough to open ours up

    SLICKTOP Well-Known Forum User

    Am I hell opening mine, waited years to get my genuines for a price i was willing to pay (73 quid, couldny believe they were real) and it would be my luck it would end in tears!!! lol

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