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My '95 Slicktop NA

Discussion in 'General' started by Lexx, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. Lexx

    Lexx Well-Known Forum User

    Wow. Pretty quiet in this part of the forum.

    Best change that.

    A good number of you have seen her at LakeZ this year, and a few more will see her at the 25th Anniversary Meet next week.
    It's not perfect car, but getting there step by step.

    Bought from a member here after spending 2 years or so abandoned on a driveway.
    Paintwork was a mess, and interior pretty grotty.

    Spent a good few ££ with CZP in the US on OEM parts to replace worn/cracked/shafted bits n pieces.
    New scuttle trim, radiator brackets and bushes, full 60k service pack, new pod housings, refurbed AC pod, new stereo surround, new gaitors, HIDs (so I can actually see where I'm going), 350z steering wheel, fitted remote central locking, various other bits b bobs.

    Currently in this condition:

    List of **** to do:
    Source and fit 99 spec rear lights
    Fit re-trimmed gear knob
    Fit 25mm spacers to rear (hope to do that this weekend)
    Replace rear subframe and diff bushes with Whiteline replacements (just need the time!)
    Polish up the hardpipes
    Boot respray
    Possibly replace drivers side glass
    Renew boot carpet
    Recharge AC
    Refurb wheels
    Refurb leather seats
    Repair the spare exhaust (Fujitsubu) and replace the current custom one.

    It'll be driven in anger for the rest of the summer, and then taken off the road in September. Then I'll try to knock as many of the jobs off the list as I can. Although getting an extension built in that period so may be hard pressed for time.

    Z Club Member

    Good on you Lexx for posting up details of your Z32 we get a fair amount of visitors with the Z32s but for some reason they seem a bit shy about posting up details on here
    Maybe they dont think other people on here are not interested and only want to read about zs with scooped headlights but hey a Z is a Z and its a shame there is so little post traffic on them on here
  3. martinmac

    martinmac Inactive

    Good on you mate for taking the time to get a great car looking awesome again.
  4. Harby300

    Harby300 Active Forum User

    Great looking example mate....

    Mine will be back on the road next week so will post some pics and build specs...
  5. Gaz 300

    Gaz 300
    Z Club Member

    You have it looking well Al. See you at Coventry next week :thumbs:

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