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My '76 280z project

Discussion in 'Rebuilds and restorations' started by Dave_Brown, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. Dave_Brown

    Dave_Brown New Forum User

    Hi guys, I bought my zed a few weeks ago, so thought I'd start a build thread. This isn't going to be one of those wreck to race car in 3 months type builds so you'll have to be patient with me haha.
    I bought her freshly imported, but had been stood for quite some time. Fuel tank empty, as are clutch and brake reservoirs and the earth leads are missing so I don't even know if the running gear is any good
    Collected her myself from near Chichester
    [​IMG]started stripping interior last weekend[​IMG] scabby roof! New frp skin is in order from frp, will spend a few hours removing old skin soon
    [​IMG] rear of floor pans have gone, severs side holy, passenger side scabby and a little thin
    [​IMG]yes I know this is very premature, but starting to buy up parts to stockpile while I have some spare cash from selling my van last week. Atara racing 15x10.5 et-32 rears and 15x9 et-13 fronts, starting to think the normal zg flares I've ordered my not be wide enough lol

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  2. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Be interested to see how the roof goes as I have to get on with mine soon, as I've been saying for the last 5 years.
  3. MaximG

    Z Club Member

    Dave welcome to the forum. Nothing like jumping in at the deepened. There are plenty of people who will give advise and much of it is sound.

  4. tel240z

    Z Club Member

    Excellent Dave looking forward to this one obviously cutting the arches then ?
  5. Dave B

    Dave B
    Z Club Member

    Yes mate, I love the wide look :)
    And yeah, I'll every happy when the roof is done, its the 1 thing that put me off the car, but, I guess thats why it was cheap lol, leaves me more money for parts :D
  6. R32singh

    R32singh New Forum User

    tuned in dave! congrats on the purchase buddy! im in search for one too and would do the same as what you are doing! you just cant beat the wide looks on the Z! love the rims!
  7. Jimbo

    Jimbo 1978 260z in yellow

    i was speaking to a body shop recently about repairing holes in roofs like this caused by aftermarket sunroof kits and they recommended a process of bonding a repair panel in place so the roof profile isn't compromised by welding heat distortion.
    they glue a skin to the inside then another one in the recess on the outside then fill in the gaps.
    i didn't do much more research into it as its quite expensive to get done professionally, but it maybe something to look into.
  8. vipergts

    vipergts Forum User

    Your car started off the same as mine



  9. red baron

    red baron Forum User

    but being a i like the look would love to do my 77 280z like that but being a zapp andin superb condition cant being my self to do it have excellent bumbers for back and front may sell them
  10. vipergts

    vipergts Forum User

    I've given up caring.....There isn't a pimple of corrosion on this car...was original crash free with super low mileage too..
  11. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Just tried to read your post Red Barron and I've got head ache now. Is this written in code or is it just me.

    Probably just me as I am getting on a bit.

    With regard to roof skins, the best way is to drill out all the spot welds and replace the whole skin. Bit of an epic job though.

    Anyway, looking forward to the progress and good luck with the build.
  12. datsfun

    Z Club Member

    I like the way this is heading..looks like a good base car to start with. Good luck with build.
  13. richiep

    Z Club Member

    Phil is referring the fact that his 280Z is a Zzzap! car - one of the limited edition 77s in sunburst yellow (although his has been resprayed a year or so back and lacks the decal kit).

    He should absolutely not cut the arches! :eek: it's a bloody good car, impact bumpers and all.
  14. datsfun

    Z Club Member

    I assume you are referring to Phil's car ^? :confused:

    Or Dave's the OP...

    Either way I don't see what the big fuss is? :devil:I mean its not like these cars are rare..we keep on hearing how there are heaps of them rust free stateside so what's the big deal? :p

    If it was a rare model like a Z432 I could understand the deliberations..
  15. richiep

    Z Club Member

    I am referring to Phil's car. It's a one US owner jobbie with 40-something thousand miles on it. The interior is original and looks like new. Original paint underneath, inside and engine bay still looks great. It has no rust whatsoever.

    I'm a fan of wide arches but on that particular car, no way. Too nice. It may be a 280Z, which are more plentiful Stateside - but there aren't many like Phil's...
  16. tel240z

    Z Club Member

    Ok I'm a bit confused is Dave Brown Dave B ???? i see the post count is the same but the join date is different :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
  17. Dale

    Dale Committee Member Committee Member

    Yep, same person. The post count is just a coincidence. There are two accounts, the Dave_Brown one using a mobile or tablet device. I think people find it easier to post pictures using the Tapatalk app.
  18. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Membership Secretary Staff Member Committee Member

    Arches cutting.

    This is going to seem so sexist but I hope I can get my point across.


    You find a lovely pure girl in the outback with a beautiful pair of perfectly formed, pert but modestly sized breasts. What a find!

    You decided (because you become her owner and master) that she needs big, bulbous boobs that every sex pervert wants to display on Facebook as their girlfriend. She has the op. at your expense and what a sexy looker!

    A few years down the line you mature, her boobs don't mean as much to you and there are complications. You and her just wish you had left things as they were.

    I'm not a pervert but want to make folks think before they perform an irreversible and unnecessary operation for egotistical reasons.
  19. datsfun

    Z Club Member

    Why don't we promote the mantra

    It's your car
    It's your money
    You are old enough to own a Z so by default also old enough to make your own decisions

    Let each person decide what they choose to do with their cars.
    I bet most owners don't run factory engines, carbs, brakes, suspension.

    Maybe those pursuing wider look aren't boob men?

    There is also a strong possibility using your example as you mature you live in regret that you wish you had the op done decades ago on your girl, now it's too late and you find oggling at other peoples possessions! .
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  20. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Membership Secretary Staff Member Committee Member

    Datsfun, that's fine - yes it's your car do what you want all I'm trying to get across is that these are classic cars that are registered as historic vehicles and as such are appreciated by the government as worth preserving.

    Consider before cutting.

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