Moving from US to UK with my 240Z


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Hi everyone, my wife and I are moving from California to Kenilworth at the end of this September. We lived in Durham for a year and really enjoyed life there, so we're making a more permanent move across the pond. I plan to bring my 1972 240Z but I am worried about the registration process and what constitutes as "radically altered," it seems like there might be a lot open to interpretation on the points system.

5 Points: Chassis, monocoque bodyshell -- Clean rust-free bodyshell but has had floors replaced, has molded-in rear flares, DP Racing camber plates (Bolted in not welded in, but had to cut the top of the strut tower)
2 Points: Original suspension (front and rear). 280Z strut housings with 3000GT Bilstein dampers, coilovers, adjustable TC rods
2 Points: Original axles (both). Just stock axles so no issues here
2 Points: Original transmission. Just a 5spd close ratio box
2 Points: Original steering assembly. Adjustable tie-rod ends
1 Point: Original engine. L28 w/ ported E31 head, triple webers, carbon intake plenum

On paper it doesn't seem too bad, I think I would be able to get 8 points unless they take issue with the flares or camber plates.

I'm worried in part because it definitely looks radically altered! I made the entire front end (Hood, both fenders and flares, air dam) out of carbon-kevlar, made the molds and everything. I plan to paint it someday but right now it's unpainted. I will also be adding actual headlights before the move lol.

What do you guys think? There's a lot that's not "original" to the car, but still definitely original to an S30. The only part that's really crazy is the front bodywork but that's non-structural.


Whatever happens would still love to meet up with UK-based Z owners!


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Apologies, I can't help with your actual question but you have asked in the right place - I'm sure someone will be along to help you with that soon.

I follow your build on Instagram - very interesting one! Didn't expect to see you pop up here.

California to Kenilworth (near Coventry, correct?) is not a commonly made move! I take it work is involved in the decision?

Welcome to the forum, and to the UK, eventually. Hope the Z can come over!

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As far as the current interpretation of the rules seem to go, ANY non-repair cutting or drilling of the main shell will void those 5 points (see the recent case with an electric mini conversion). But there are plenty of cars riding round at the moment with such modifications. It's all about if you declare them, or the DVLA demand to inspect the car and know enough about it to spot that it's been modified.


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@Robotsan Thanks! Yeah it's definitely been a learning experience making all the parts, challenging but rewarding. Yeah Kenilworth is near Coventry. My wife is actually getting her PhD at Warwick, I just finished up nearly 5 years with Lucid Motors so I will be looking for a similar role, fortunately I know some people at Aston Martin and JLR... Seems like there are a ton of cool events and shows nearby, I'm definitely excited to get involved!

@Mr Tenno Yeah it was that mini article that kicked me into high gear to sort this out, definitely a frightening read... I would be disappointed but OK if it had to become a track-only car, I just could never part with it. It seems like the IVA test is quite strict. In essence it is an original S30 with some performance/safety improvements and some cosmetic changes, hopefully DVLA sees it that way too!

Jason S.

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Not sure why you would want to uglify a beautiful car. But any hows, I brought my '72, 240 from California, about ten years ago. Ticked a couple of boxes stating it was unmodified. No one ever checked if that was correct. Sailed through the Mot, which you need the rear amber indicators for, and headlights that are for a RHD model. After that one MoT, you can switch back to non-amber and LHD headlights if you really want to as no further MoTs are ever required.

Make sure you have a warm dry garage, cars do not last in the UK weather like in California.

Good luck!


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You don't need to get an MOT though. At least you don't have to now. I imported mine last year and have registered it, and it's on the road now - never had an MOT.

You do need the amber indicators for it to be road legal though.

Is it too highly modified now to even be able to put the original panels back on temporarily? Just in case they do want to inspect it?

Jason S.

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I actually ended up putting the non-amber, original US, lenses back on about 6 yrs ago. Not sure anyone would ever tell me it's not legal. But maybe one day a bored police officer will?

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Hi , good luck with the intended move . There is a few of us with Z,s about half an hour from Kenilworth. A good place to go is
In regard to the registration , as it's you car don't declare on the registration any alterations , If DVLA ask to inspect it leave it to that process.


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@Jason S. Well my goal wasn't to uglify it 😂 The previous owner had the flares molded into the headlight buckets molded into the air dam (So both fenders and air dam were all one big piece). It looked pretty cool but was made of fiberglass and bondo, so I made molds from the flares and made my own air dam to fit the Cibie spotlights. Luckily I do have the Euro/JDM tails already and have some SEV Marchal flat-dip lights on order.

@Robotsan I only really changed bolt-on parts so in theory I could put on stock fenders and hood, I would need different front wheels to avoid poking out substantially though.

@Healey 12 Thanks! I've seen lots of photos from the caffiene and machine events, I'm very excited that they will be so close to me!

@Jay. Pm'd! Thanks for the advice!