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Morning Z owners

Discussion in 'New to the website!' started by Harvey Dove, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Harvey Dove

    Harvey Dove
    Z Club Member

    Hi All
    Its been a while since I joined the forum, but wanted to introduce myself.
    I'm Harvey and the proud owner of a lovely 280Z I imported 18 months ago. I had forgotten about these wonderful cars until I saw a beaut at Le Mans a few years ago. After a lot of surfing and sending the wife photos suggesting how good she would look in one of these and I got the thumbs up to purchase.

    The car is very original (apart from the bumpers which are now the euro version) including 40 year old bushes etc which are gradually being replaced. The winter project will be the rear end and a new exhaust - a nice stainless sports one when i find it.

    I'm sure i'll be in touch regularly for advice, especially where to get parts outside of the US.

    If anyone is at the Goodwood breakfast club meet this Sunday, I will introduce myself and car there.

    All the best

    Below are my two babies (sadly not the house)
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  2. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    Welcome Harvey, seems that to have a Z and a Porsche is becoming a common occurence on this forum! Two lovely cars you have there. Be interested in your driving impressions of the two as they are often compared on here!
    What part of the country are you in? Sean Dezart (Z Story) does a lovely line in exhausts systems.
  3. Harvey Dove

    Harvey Dove
    Z Club Member

    Thank you - I think I’ve spotted Sean’s works of art
    I’m based between Reading and Henley (Berkshire).

    I’ve owned the Porsche for 21 years having totally rebuilt her 10 -15 years ago. Interesting re handling. The Porsche is pretty firm all round but I find that the Z is very surprising- very smooth and soft (not sure if it’s supposed to be like this or just old) but handles corners extremely well.
  4. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer in training Staff Member Moderator

    Hi Harvey, two lovely cars you have.

    Welcome to the Club.

    The earlier Zs have a different from valance which look a bit neater but metal (not fibreglass ) are hard to find and I'm not sure if they fit a 280. Others will know.

    Also how does the rear bumper fit at the sides? Any pics? I'm asking because the 280 rear quarter is different than the early cars - again others on here will know.
  5. Harvey Dove

    Harvey Dove
    Z Club Member

    Hi Rob

    I know what you mean by the front valance - mines not in the best shape anyway as a previous owner tried to jack the car up on and the radiator. Still I think the new front grill which removes the large US indicators detracts from this as well as fill in the hole left from the picnic bench sized bumpers it originally had.

    I can’t remember who supplied the bumpers but I remember that they arrived very quickly and from Vietnam!!?? Great quality stainless steel. Fitting them and as you say, at the rear was fun and I had to refabricate the brackets for easier fitting. On the n/s there is a sort of inspection hole in the inner wheel arch I could used to bolt that side on without modification (but very fiddle) OS required the fuel tank out but once done could bolt through by the filler down pipe.

    Fortunately the fuel tank was out anyway as first drive (other than for MOT) the Z broke down after 8 miles from fuel starvation- bad corrosion in the fuel tank.
  6. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer in training Staff Member Moderator

    Hi Harvey, thanks for the reply - interesting.

    I have Harrington bumpers on my 240 but some owners have been asking about an alternative so your experiences may be useful. Do you know if your rear bumper is a 2 seater or 2+2 item?

    Petrol tank corrosion followed by blocked fuel filters is common of Zs.
  7. Harvey Dove

    Harvey Dove
    Z Club Member

    Hi Rob
    Just checked (as memory is shot) - my bumpers are also Harrington bumpers
  8. Harvey Dove

    Harvey Dove
    Z Club Member

    5C6D36BA-CDB5-41C8-BCE5-B327B3388864.jpeg Here’s a more recent picture with new grill and without US indicators
  9. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    The grille looks good - Ben Skillard ?

    Welcome anyway and if you're this way (Le Mans etc), give us a shout.
  10. Harvey Dove

    Harvey Dove
    Z Club Member

    Thanks Sean - I understand you are the exhaust man - will definitely be in touch.

    Re the grille - I’m not sure - came via zcardepot
  11. AliK

    AliK Well-Known Forum User Staff Member Moderator

    Very nice car Harvey! I just got one of Sean's back boxes and couldn't be happier so defo talk to him.

    A group of us are planning to meet at 09:00 at Goodwood on Sunday - thread here:

    Will you be bringing the Z!?

    Looking forward to meeting you.
  12. Harvey Dove

    Harvey Dove
    Z Club Member

    Hi Ali
    Thanks for the recommendation - will definitely follow up with Sean
    I’m planning on arriving at 7 as long as I can get my son out of bed for a 5.30 departure. The Z will be coming

    Look forward to meeting you guys @9 Nafi Cafe WW2 truck
  13. Woody928

    Z Club Member

    Looks really tidy, good choice on changing those bumpers out.

    All being well hopefully we'll see you on Sunday by the sounds of it :D
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  14. Harvey Dove

    Harvey Dove
    Z Club Member

    I’ll be there and I assume being such a distinguished lot, I shouldn’t have too much trouble spotting you at the Caf
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  15. AliK

    AliK Well-Known Forum User Staff Member Moderator

    I will wear a pink carnation :p

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