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Moderated posts

Discussion in 'Web specific' started by MikeB, May 27, 2016.

  1. MikeB

    MikeB Forum User

    So as not to ruin the thread where I first stated my thoughts on this I shall start this one.

    My view is that if a post/thread is moderated, then the moderator should put a post in the thread stating that and also the reason for the moderation.

    Is this too much to ask?
  2. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer in training Staff Member Moderator

    Mike, the problem is that it can then develop into a debat/argument as I'm sure this Thread will.
  3. racer

    Z Club Member

    Isn't that the point of a Forum though Rob, to Debate?
    A good argument never hert anyone.
  4. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    There is room for debate but some people will take it too far - because THEY are right in their view. I just gets tiresome.

    There is no right and wrong, there is merely opinion in a lot of cases.

    I think people should be discouraged from posting stuff that immediately antagonises others ... happens with a few posters. There are ways of saying stuff and ways of not saying it. Keyboards and screens make people brave. They wouldn't say stuff to your face at a show in the vast majority of cases I bet.

    Agree that if a post is moderated, a reason should be given.
  5. MikeB

    MikeB Forum User


    I take your point, but if a post is removed it should still be reported in the thread, otherwise posts just disappear and threads get disjointed.
    The forum members need to know if a post is moderated, and really they need to know why, if only so they can see a reason and the not post something on the same lines themselves.
    There has to be education, not the current silent cut that leaves all wondering what happened.
    It goes with the job, moderate and then stand by your convictions, if you're right the members will support you.

    Yes initially we may have some tiffs, but when we understand what is expected then we can behave accordingly. At the minute it is a Secret Society
  6. Albrecht

    Albrecht Well-Known Forum User

    Personally speaking, I would not write anything on here that I would not say to your face. And with a bit of luck, you would not take it the wrong way either...

    Here's a question though. Do you reckon our recently-joined (and possibly recently un-joined) forum member would walk into a conversation without any word of introduction and start making a big fuss about the non-existent "HUGE gap" between a car's front tyre and wheelarch, etc etc?

    If he did he'd be given short shrift. And yet when he did it on this forum the other day he got the kid glove treatment from the moderators and even some support from other members, despite - clearly! - there being no such issue with the car in question. So your "they wouldn't say stuff to your face" comment works in that scenario too.
  7. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    But stuff IS said and people DO take offence at it - is there any need for it?

    I have met people who come up to you at a show and start criticising your car without even saying hello - they say that's wrong, this is the wrong shape, that should be black not body colour etc - I just roll my eyes and go do something else ... or talk to someone I want to talk to! They're clearly lacking in some kind of social skill ... but life goes on. They don't even realise.

    Maybe some people here are like that?

    If said member walked in at a show and said what he said then he'd be like the person I describe - but forums are not like meeting in real life. It's words on a screen - there is no emphasis given or implied and that causes problems, but that's the way it is - don't take everything literally.
  8. samuri-240

    samuri-240 New Forum User

    I have seen the sorts you are on about there, they can even pick fault with the most perfect totally original car ! I do much the same as you, think to myself dickheads & go elsewhere before I may say something to them.
  9. yellowz

    Z Club Member

    Hard to believe this thread has been dragged back to the MZR

    As far as I can remember the guy asked a question? Where did the big fuss start.......

    So if someone walked up to you at a show and asked a question would you answer it? I hope so because that is how I introduced myself to one the the guys who brought his Z to Silverstone.
  10. Albrecht

    Albrecht Well-Known Forum User

    Why not? It's where this little kerfuffle started and that is directly related to what prompted the latest round of slightly trigger-happy post deletion.

    The big fuss came from people like yourself, in case you don't remember. You threatened to quit the forum and the club because of a storm in a teacup. That little bit of turbulence was whipped up by the first post and subsequent posts from a new member, picking fault in a car that was up for sale (by MZR). He was not - despite the question marks - asking questions. He was making assertions, and backed them up by making them more than once.

    That person just happens to be selling a car himself at the moment. Something he didn't mention on the forum. Funny that....

    I'm just off to Waitrose to get another couple of rolls of tin foil to make hats out of.
  11. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    I will also say to anyone's face what I write her, I call it the law of assumation !

    If someone comes up with or without saying hello and comments on the car (s), I won't stick my head in the sand, walk away or think kobnhead - Ifeel we have a moral obligation to promote our cars and that means in front of all audiences - I'm even shocked that others wouldn't contemplate this. Mine is not an egoistical pleasure but one I share and I feel qualified (with much help form what I've learnt from this forum, its members and elsewhere) to defend and counter-argue with critics so at least they might remove thier blinkers. If they go away and still don't like the car (s), at least it will be from a balanced view, hopefully with a bit more respect for the car and thier personal view rather than that of an ignoramus or poor press article.

    I vote for debate and simply be less sensitive - know that these are black, cold, hard words typed and accept that the person behind them means well and no harm first before assuming otherwise.
  12. MikeB

    MikeB Forum User


    Thank you for your replies

    However, please keep this thread on the intended topic, and that is if moderation takes place, I believe it should be noted and stated why.

    So do you agree with those thoughts or not?
  13. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    Just like if you edit or modify your own post, there is a box in which you can explain why and the recent MZR post was closed with Burnsie leaving a last post saying what he'd done and why.

    So yes Mike - I agree.
  14. status

    status Active Forum User

    Less and less people coming on here due to the constant nit picking by the usual people and being told wot we can and can't say,people can't be bothered so much because of said reasons and have had enough,sometimes it's best to say nothing rather than comment on almost every thread that is posted,if people say it as it is,is there a problem legally with it, ie , the sun is out at the moment,fact,get my drift,honest question there to be answered if possible without any scarcy remarks
  15. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    THE question.
  16. status

    status Active Forum User

    I rest my case
  17. SeanDezart

    Z Club Member
    Official Trader

    Rest your weary asre too in a deckchair under the sun.
  18. samuri-240

    samuri-240 New Forum User

    If the written words are fact & not insulting I feel the post/thread should be left well alone for the world to see. I was banned off here & the threads deleted for stating the facts.
  19. Geny

    Geny New Forum User

    I had a quick look and could not find any information stating the nature of content that would justify removal of a post. Surely defining precise content that would result in removal would stop the issues discussed here, as it would leave nothing open to interpretation. The use of generalised sweeping statement rules would be of no use as it would leave the decision open to interpretation.

    My 2penneth on the matter.
  20. Sam_C

    Z Club Member

    Do we really need a huge list of dos and donts to teach us how to behave? How about people just try being polite, courteous and tolerant rather than sarcastic, petty nit-picking, wannabe grammar police, etc etc? I am cursed with lots of hobbies and each of them has its relevant forum(s). And every one of them is the same, only on a differing scale. The larger the club, the more in-fighting among people with supposedly the same interests.

    Forums in general used to be brilliant fun now just like everything else in modern life, they are turning into squalid lttle places full of aggression. Such is life today I'm afraid. Maybe we could try and buck the trend but somehow I doubt it.

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