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Main website theme poll

Discussion in 'Web specific' started by Russ, Jun 8, 2003.


Main website theme poll -

  1. I like it, it must stay

    0 vote(s)
  2. Not fussed if you change it

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  3. I don't like it, please change it

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  1. Russ

    Z Club Member

    Just wanted to know if people liked the main website "Silver XP" theme. Personally I don't so heres a poll to find out the general concensus.
  2. Gio

    Z Club Member

    Something wrong here, Russ. I just voted for the "not fussed" option - but was shown the poll with just the one vote for "don't like it, change it".

    Personal opinion: the look of the site / forum is fine. Might not be my / others personal taste but that's not the most frustrating thing. That's how slow it is.

    Cheers - Gio
  3. Russ

    Z Club Member


    Yes I agree the main page is slow, gonna look into that,

    This forum is so unreliable too, argh!

    Ok well personally I would chuck postNuke and Ikonboard and use phpNuke or pay for (myself) vBulletin, uses vBulletin and it has everything.

    Oh well make the best of what you have I suppose <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':)'> Gonna get stuck in and try to sort this out, I can't sleep at night otherwise <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'>
  4. Mr.F

    Mr.F Inactive

    Same result as Gio when voting - and still only showing one vote??? Must be at least two votes now?
  5. Gio

    Z Club Member

    Russ - it's good to see that someone has the technical nous to get to grips with some of the problems with the site. It's clearly beyond Steve's abacus and I don't think PCs ever got as far north as pmac. <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'>

    I was interested to read your comments on postnuke vs PHPNuke as I have been trying to get my head round these for updating a couple of websites. It looks as if postnuke split from PHPnuke due to some bustup or other but that PHPNuke still has the far larger community. Have you used PHPNuke?

    On the speed front, (which for me affects this forum) I suspect this may be down to the host server / bandwidth rather than anything else. The only direct comparison I have is the other lot which like the Pug site uses vBulletin.

    Cheers - Gio
  6. Russ

    Z Club Member

    As for speed I'm not sure, when the front page loads it only has to do some database work but maybe this is too much for the server it's running on, but then Ikon board runs fine imo, maybe its something with postnuke thats wrong like you view the front page and it says

    "Ok you want the front page,
    Lets find this module/block/whatever
    Err can't find it
    Lets search
    Searching for it (making it slow)
    Nope not there
    Display without"

    Maybe thats totally wrong and its certainly not so crude/simple but you never know what it's up to, I can't really find out either <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'>

    vBulletin might be where we're heading if everyone is happy with it, as for postNuke vs phpNuke I don't know really the technicalities but I dont much list postNuke, trouble is they only have version 0.7.x which in my eyes is still a beta, phpNuke has 6.7 which is a final release, no problems. Also it's silly, I tried to deactivate a block on the front page the other day and it said I didn't have authorisation, authorisation from who?<img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt='???'> I'm an admin!


    Oh well things are slowly progressing, I'm glad the club isn't too dynamic at the moment <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'>

    Z Club Member

    not fussed as long as we don't go back to the awful black background it does the eyes in
  8. pmac

    pmac Well-Known Forum User

    Gio, Those of us living north of Watford Gap Services do have access to a PC. But we all have to share it!! &nbsp;Its my turn tonight on the keyboard. The others are outside in the freezing cold checking to see if there is enough diesel in the generator to keep the PC going while I finish this post.
    So a slow building page is a real pain to me, especially as I have to pay for every minute on line. I dont personally ever use the home page but I looked at it tonight. I though it was a bit nondescript, and there is a lot of white(wasted?) space near the top. Also that background image behind the Z Club Words is pretty awful (IMHO).
    You are right of course Gio that many people of my age have &nbsp;either no or limited knowledge of how this sort of thing works. Ie ikon boards and so on.
    My admiration is here on record to those members who have the ability and time to do this techno stuff.
    I will need to have some help soon to get the publicity up and running for the forthcoming NEC Classic show in Nov.
    Hopefully the Nipper can do something useful for me!!
    Got to go now as it is past my bedtime!
    Now where did I leave my mug of Cocoa?<img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt='???'>
  9. Russ

    Z Club Member

    pmac: you pay per minute?? If it gets more than £10 a month say I would look into getting a freephone ISP, but I'm sure you know that anyway. Oh and I didn't realise the 1976 Pong consoles had net access (see

    Yep the website isn't that good, lots of things to do, roll on the agm although if the club say no to it then I think I'll just pay for it myself and donate it because its nice working with quality tools so to speak, but thats no reason to turn it down! <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'>

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