Lowered springs a good idea or not ?


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I have only had my Z for a few weeks but when it had a service at the Nissan dealership I was told that one of the rear springs had broken and was very rusty as was the other. I am going to replace all 4 at once but was thinking of lowering it. What are your thoughts on lowering by about an inch or less ? Has anyone done it and what were the results ? Would it be to low for normal daily driving ? Or am I better just leaving it as stock ?
I understand it has a better stance with lower springs but I don’t want to sacrifice drivability and have it scraping all the time on our fantastic British roads. Any help would be appreciated and also a recommendation of a slightly lower spring which would be a good allrounder if there is such a thing. Thanks


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When I had my 370 some years ago I lowered it on an H&R pro spring kit. It lowered it about 30mm all round. I did have spacers on it but they're not fitted in this picture. It gives you an idea of what to expect. Daily it was fine, I did have to remove the 2 little spats at the front, they sit behind the lip, right in front of the wheels as they did catch on speed bumps. Overall, no real issues and I ran a Fast Intentions exhaust which did hang quite low.


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Well most cars look more racy when they are lowered slightly but personally I don't think 370Zs need lowering to look good.

It may also affect camber angles and tyre wear.

If it was me I'd just buy the two rear springs (Nissan to avoid any aftermarket fitment issues). However they may be more expensive that 4 aftermarket springs.

Paul S on here will have more experience of springs/spacers than me.


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Thanks Geoff & Rob, I have to say that the spats at the front already catch on speed bumps ! Maybe the broken spring is not helping.


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Plenty of people have lowered these cars with no issues. I've not done mine, but that's down to personal choice. I have fitted 15mm spacers all round, but you can easily go wider.

I fully expect an aftermarket set of springs will be cheaper than a new set of OEM ones, but an alternative is to approach a company like Abbey Motorsport or Horsham Developments who will have swapped springs out for people and probably have lots of nearly new ones sitting on the shelf...


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My car has gone into the garage today ( took it yesterday teatime ) for new springs and new front brake pipes. After looking at the car I have decided to stay with OEM springs just with a little less rust and cracks on them.