Lost the faith


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Yes, I feel your pain. Sorry to hear about what has happened, sounds like a massive PITA …

Don’t know a lot about the 510 to be honest, but I know there’s a lot of interest in them. The right buyer will be found I’m sure …


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Just thought I'd close the door finally on this thread.

At the weekend I sold the last of the 510 bits I had in my garage. A nice chap from Blackburn with a cracking little collection of Datsuns came for the old original seats I still had and bought the remaining odds and ends and so now everything I had has gone. It's taken just over 6 months or so but I've ended up with recouping the majority of what I spent back which I guess isn't bad too really, the only downside being I've just got nothing to show at the end of it.

I was told by a few people that I'd never get back anywhere near what I was asking for it all as a job lot, which was £16-18k for everything I had (and there were some lovely bits among it) and they were right as I ended up selling everything in bits for just over £22k :p

So I now think of my car as being a little bit like the Brinks Matt gold, every 510 in the UK and Europe now has a little bit of my car in it. There are even door hinges on a car in the Ukraine..!!

It's been an experience and one I don't want to go through again, but I guess it could have been worse.

See you around maybe.



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So how about another scooter project? Lot easier than a car.

Thanks for the update, but what a nightmare.
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Good to hear it’s all over JK and you can put your efforts and hard-earned into something else maybe.

I’m thinking of a bike project but maybe that’s one for when I’m retired.

Keep us informed of what you plump for …