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Lost keys!!

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Bob118, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Bob118

    Bob118 New Forum User

    I have managed to lose the keys to my 300ZX, it is sat in the garage (SORN), I can start it remotely to keep it turned over regularly. I have now run out of places to look for the keys and I must look at other options now, any suggestions?
  2. Mr HollowPoint

    Mr HollowPoint Well-Known Forum User

    Not pleasant ones, but try to source a set of locks and an ignition barrel, then cut off the ignition barrel and fit the new one. I don't envy you though, as that won't be fun.

    I had a similar problem with an old Ford Capri, when my dad snapped the key in the lock. I fitted remote central locking, cut off the ignition barrel, re-routed the ignition wiring, wired in a hidden switch, a hidden push start and had an immobiliser with a fob, that HAD to be in the car for it to start fitted. No one ever stole it. But to be fair, I don't think anyone ever tried.
  3. youngr300zx

    youngr300zx Well-Known Forum User

    Check your insurance, some cover loss of keys with a separate excess listed
  4. Phil240z

    Phil240z Active Forum User

    I've recently had the same problem on a 1990 300zx, an automotive locksmith was able to cut a key using the barrel from the boot lock.
  5. Northerner

    Z Club Member

    Has it still got the lock sticker in the glove box ??? If so I can get my mate at the dealer to cut you a key or I can sell you a lock set.
  6. Dale

    Z Club Member

    That's amazing. I'll have to remember that! :thumbs:
  7. Mr HollowPoint

    Mr HollowPoint Well-Known Forum User

    Interesting, I didn't know that was possible? Suppose it depends which car the glovebox came from, so in the case of my 300, that information is sadly useless, lol, but to many that would be good to know.:thumbs:
  8. Mr.F

    Z Club Member

    Locksmiths are far more resourceful these days - had a customer break his only key in half in the door lock. The locksmith retrieved the broken stub, put the two bits together on a scanner and cut new keys from the scanned image. I was impressed - and all this in the back of a van at 10-30 at night.
  9. Northerner

    Z Club Member

  10. Bob118

    Bob118 New Forum User

    Thanks everyone, I'll rip the place apart one last time this week end, then I'll check the glovebox, if there's no joy there I guess I'm crawling into the boot to get the lock barrel from there (the boot release doesn't work)

  11. Zed-the-red

    Zed-the-red Well-Known Forum User

    I lost my car keys a week ago. I found them under the car..after turning the house inside out. never heard them drop out of my pocket..
  12. Mrs HollowPoint

    Mrs HollowPoint Well-Known Forum User

    We have LOADS of z keys in our drawer for 300s. They could be for any of 4 cars though in 2 lock sets and 2 zeds. Must stop hoarding keys

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