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looking for some advice after cars been in dry storage for almost 20 years

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by JeffB-61, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. JeffB-61

    Z Club Member

    Haha - Now - Don't laugh

    ......but when I opened the garage for the first time in many years I noticed the wheels were angled towards the drivers side at quite a lock.
    After some initial gazing at the car and wondering if I dare climbe throught the cobwebs to raise the bonnet I ventured inside.
    I pulled the handle and heard the release was still working fine.

    Time was dragging on and I wasn't getting very far - too much time spent reminiscing - but I thought it would be a good idea the straighten the wheels and see if it would move at all.

    I ventured back inside the cabin, one knee on the passenger seat and the other foot still on the garage floor.
    Reached over and pulled downwards on the steering wheel to straighten the wheels - no joy - clearly the steering rack was seized.
    I tried a number of times, but there was no movement at all.
    After more time spent just looking at the lovely lines of the car I closed the garage door and drove home, contemplating the work that was going to be needed just to move the car from the garage.

    Lying in bed, not able to sleep and wishing the car was outside my house and not 45 mins away it suddenly dawned on me............

    I'd not put the key in the ingnition and released the steering lock............


    p.s. the handbrake is off and the gearbox has neutral selected - I've double checked - and with the steering lock released the steering wheel moves as it should.
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  2. JeffB-61

    Z Club Member

    I've finally had a chance to get back and check over my car.

    It's in a sorry state, but apart from some rot at the rear or the roof where it meets the tailgate and some impact damage to the fron, the body is in decent condition, although I'll need to put in some serious detailing time when it's extracated from the tight space.

    I have visually inspected the rubber fuel lines in the engine bay, and allowed the pump to pressurise the system, and there are no fuel leaks, so I'll order a service kit from Mr. F at MJP tomorrow and take things from there.

    Some pics of it in a bit of a sad state

    WP_20190119_14_30_18_Pro.jpg WP_20190119_14_31_17_Pro.jpg WP_20190119_14_30_44_Pro.jpg WP_20190119_14_31_42_Pro.jpg WP_20190119_15_01_25_Pro.jpg WP_20190119_14_46_57_Pro.jpg

  3. niroshann

    Z Club Member

    Nice to see another ZX! Mine has rust on the edge of the roof where it meets the tailgate also! Trying to find someone to do the work. Rest of your car looks okay from these shots.
  4. JeffB-61

    Z Club Member

    Well - here's an update on the situation.

    The car has been extracated from it's stored location and had an oil/filters/plugs service and now been cleaned for the first time in 20 years.

    A compression test of the engine shows cylinders are a little uneven but she fires up on the first turn of the crank and idles evenly.
    The core plug just above the oil dip stick was leaking, so I've replaced that and now all seems well, although it's not actually been driven on the road.
    The brakes will need a service before trying anything more than around the drive.

    The bodywork is in reasonable condition and I'll probably get the rotary out when the weather improves a bit and correct/detail the body where possible.

    The split rim 17" Compomotives need a refurb to look pretty again, but again, the rotary or DA might put some sparkle back on them.

    There is some rot that needs to be taken care of, but I might not be taking care of that, and the front dam looks repairable, but Mr. F has confirmed a new IMSA front dam is available if required.

    As I have no undercover storage I fear I will be selling at some point, but I'm still very torn.

    Thanks to Mr.F for swift and easy parts ordering/delivery - and for the general chat.

    I've added some photos of the recent clean of the car - feel free to comment (positive or negative), as I'm genuinely interested.

  5. Huw

    Z Club Member

    Looks fantastic after being stored for so long Jeff. I bet you are torn on which way to go.
  6. JeffB-61

    Z Club Member

    Yes Huw, it's very difficult indeed.
    I've all the passion I had, but I'm 20 years older and don't have any storage, so it would be sitting on the road - which doesn't seem right.
    Starting a resto-project on a village side road isn't going to work, so I'm hunting for a corner of a barn close by, and failing that I've some painful times ahead.

    My wife has never enjoyed my passion for all-things-automotive (not uncommon, I know), so that also puts a spin on what I do.
    She's put up with my obsessions for many long years now - bless her!

    The 8hrs I spent cleaning away the 20 years of grim was very therapeutic, and yes, it's looking quite good after all those years.

  7. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Moderator

    That does look nice. The setting looks nice too.
  8. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer Staff Member Moderator

    Looks reasonable.

    How did you get it out then.....?
  9. JeffB-61

    Z Club Member

    Yes - it looks okay. The photo's are a fair representation of condition and looks, so I was pleased with the days efforts.
  10. JeffB-61

    Z Club Member

    I dumped the old oil/filter and fuel filter and refilled with some flushing oil and a cheap oil filter.
    Added 10 liters of premium fuel and a 500ml bottle of Redex by opening the boot, climbing in and leaning out the right hand side and filling by can.
    Cranked it by hand on the pulley bolt for several revolutions to make sure it was free(ish) with the spark plugs out.
    When I was happy the engine was relativley free-running I removed the fuel pump relay and used a remote starter switch to crank it on the starter.
    Put everything back as it should be, and fire extinguisher at the ready in case of perished fuel hoses, and turned it over.
    Only took a couple of revolution and it coughed into life.
    No leaking fuel thankfully!
    Spluttery for about 5 mins I guess, but then I noticed the water leaking from the core plug, so topped up rad with hot water and left on idle for about 10 mins total.
    Dumped the flushing oil and filter and replaced with some good 10w/40 and genuine filter.
    Got a compressor on the front tires and the n/s/r tire, and they all held pressure.
    Fired it up again and she drove out so the o/s/r tire could be inflated.

    The brakes were binding, but not siezed as originally thought, and the main problem was the flat tyres that had obviously been deflated for many-a-year and gone very hard, so the flat underside was like trying to roll over a brick against each wheel.

    A mate borrowed and Landy and trailer, and after a struggle with no power steering (out of fluid and none to hand) I managed to reverse it onto the trailer, and home it came.
    With a long nose and a fairly high trailer, the front dam scraped the road a bit more than I wanted, but it had to be moved so no option, and not too much more damage.
    Once back home I had enough wooden boards to lift the front wheels and raise the nose that no further damage to the front dam occured.

    And there you have it - much less hassle than I expected after 20 years parked in a garage.
    It say's a lot I think!

    And - Indeed Rob - I also think it looks reasonable.

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  11. datsfun

    Z Club Member

    For a car that has been stood unloved for such a long time, it looks really good. I am sure once you have detailed it , it will be even more impressive.

    The colour suits the styling and kit IMHO. You are fortunate that in recent years, the cool kids are all going for wide body kits so the Zed doesn't look dated and fits in with the "scene" . This helps with securing a buyer and a good price should you wish to do so.
  12. JeffB-61

    Z Club Member

    Thanks for the comments - hopefully the bodywork can be brought back to life a little more with some time and effort.
    There's zero lacquer peel which is a good start.

    The IMSA bodywork was my choice from everything that was available back in the day, and when the car was dull and dirty sitting the the garage after 20 years it looked dated to my eye. But now the car is clean the styling has taken on a softer look I think, and less angular. It still makes me smile when I step back and look, and that's all matters really.
    It helps it was installed by a specialist who took the utmost care to ensure the finished product was something he'd be proud to put his name to - thank you Ian Pendleton.

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  13. Dave280

    Dave280 New Forum User

    Hi Jeff
    The story of your old car continues... my brother and I took on this car about a year ago, I guess we bought it off the guy you sold it too?
    The project turned out to be a real life Car SOS.
    We have basically had to rebuild it from the inside out, it was almost beyond repair and gave us some sleepless nights.
    The car is nearly complete, it’s in having face lift with a two tone new look, the F40 spoiler was also replaced with a period IMSA spoiler we sourced from Malaysia. We will post some pictures when it’s completed, but would love to find out more about the cars heritage.
    Sorry for the current bad photo!
    Paul & Dave

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  14. Mr Tenno

    Mr Tenno
    ZClub Administrator
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