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Lightning Vol.204 VINTAGE AUTO Z

Discussion in 'Hybrid Z cars' started by Robbie J, May 31, 2019.

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  1. Robbie J

    Robbie J
    Z Club Member

    "I went East, learned their names and shook their hands. Don't tell me I'm wrong." sounds like you met Amaterasu

    Truth is today the clay pushers are not all in Japan. The whole kanban system was imported from the US of A. The 350Z designer went to Cov Poly and the GTR was penned my Matt. I feel bad I was too young to meet the S30 designers but the later ones were not sanctimonious pretentious **********

    I will go back to my wine with a smile on my face, that was funny....
  2. Albrecht

    Albrecht Well-Known Forum User

    And? You keep telling us about now - or actually a few years ago when the latest generation Z33/34 and R35 were being penned - but what's that got to do with what happened 50+ years ago? You cite "The 350Z designer" ( whatever that means) and 'Matt' who "penned" (?) the GTR in the same thread where you're citing Yutaka Katayama as prime mover on the first Z. So who phoned-in the Z33/Z34 and R35?

    I'm not getting it with you. You've pitched up from the GTR scene - where you presumably feel like you're somebody - and you're telling us about factory visits, fleeting personal appearances in videos (can I have your autograph?) and meetings with 'Mr GTR' Tamura, who I shared a dinner table and some crossed words with a few weeks ago and who really ought to be on his best behaviour lest he go the same way as his chum Carlos. You're cutting and pasting from too (tee hee).

    Am I supposed to be impressed?

    Meaning that the earlier ones were? Or is it the wine talking for you? Or are you just suffering from post traumatic stress after being "bullied"...?

    For the record, the people who actually did all the work on the S30-series Z project - and that, by default, excludes Katayama - were and still are (at least, the ones who are still alive) faultlessly modest and self effacing. Team players.

    Meanwhile, I personally stood in front of Katayama whilst he proclaimed "I designed it". You would have lapped it up. I didn't.
  3. franky

    Z Club Member

    Why are we talking about carbon brakes/how things are done now/350z's/r35's/where -how-who designs things now? It has zero relevance with anything.
  4. Robbie J

    Robbie J
    Z Club Member

    You brought up the comparison with Porsche, I have a direct comparison of more modern models actually supporting your view but you missed that but of course, only your point of view is important?

    You both bully because you suppress any opinion that is not yours, so instead of discussing colours or flares with the pile of bits I got from Japan, I'm arguing with you about stuff in 1969 that I'm sure either of you was working for Nissan at the time? Again your opinion of what happened, your view was not retold today buy current employees. It was 1969 this is 2019 move on go out and drive your car and not talk about stuff that matters little

    This is the Z club not the S30/S31 club, they are working on something new but you both have your heads in the past the club does not do very well with getting other Z marques to this club I wonder why. Anyway, this is the Hybrid section where you put other bits on a Z. What are you two doing here? All you are doing here is trying to wind up people interested in Hybrid cars?
  5. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Moderator

    I've locked the thread. I think it's starting to go round in circles.
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