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LakeZ 2014

Discussion in 'Shows & Meets' started by martinmac, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. martinmac

    martinmac New Forum User


    Just so you can put it in your calendars, I will be booking this for the weekend of 28th June. [​IMG]

    The format seems to be getting there now so it will be generally the same as for 2013. Just a few tweaks so far. As for last year camping will be FREE, entry is FREE, the bands on Saturday night are FREE.

    The entertainment on Saturday is a little special this year. First we have the legend that is Midge Ure doing an acoustic set. He will be followed by a Pink Floyd Tribute Band.

    Friday will be meet and greet with entertainment in the pub.On Saturday there will be a drive out. There is again the option of taking the Steam Train and steamer around the lake, a nice chilled option. Anyone wanting to skydive please let me know early so I can get it booked up, they get very busy.

    Saturday night we will be in the hall. The pub will be putting on a reasonably priced BBQ. I am looking at two bands on the Saturday night and with a lot of luck may have something a little special lined up. The Rose and Crown will be providing the bar for Saturday. It will be to the same high standard but this time we have come up with a slight change which will keep the prices even lower. Instead of draught beer they will be selling bottled beer. This enables them to sell a pint for about 30% less and give a lot wider range of options.

    The pub will also be selling breakfast each day.

    Sunday will be the show and shine judging.

    If anyone wants to do anything else, go karting, horse riding, fishing, pretty much anything really then let me know and I will see what I can do.

    Camping will again be free, entry on the Saturday night will be free. All I ask is that you support the raffle to save me having to sell organs. [​IMG]

    I will be posting up more info as things are confirmed. In the meantime if you have any questions please ask. No need to confirm names, just turn up. There is a massive range of accommodation locally including several rental houses which work out very cheap if you can get a group together.

    This is a social weekend so turn up in whatever vehicle you like. There is also a train station about 300m away.

    To see what attractions are nearby this is the pub we are based at, just use the postcode and google local attractions. [​IMG]
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  2. Mr HollowPoint

    Mr HollowPoint New Forum User

  3. Lexx

    Lexx New Forum User

    The drifter Ian "Bizz" Phillips will be bringing along his LS3 powered 350z drift car.
    It's hoped we will be able to organise a drifting display at the local airfield.
  4. martinmac

    martinmac New Forum User

    You can also watch me drifting round the car park on Sunday morning. :cheers::driving:
  5. martinmac

    martinmac New Forum User

    I have three rooms free in a very local holiday let building. It used to be a B&B but is now self catering. All the six rooms will be taken by owners. Its got to be for three nights, Friday, Saturday and Sunday although I guess you could add days at either end for a longer stay. I have these rooms at a locals discount so the price is around £60 per room per night.

    Details as follow,

    Double ensuite. Two times doubles with an additional single bed. These two share a bathroom which is next door.

    Be quick if you want them. The numbers are looking very good this time and whilst there are plenty of other places to stay the closest and best will go first.
  6. martinmac

    martinmac New Forum User

    Only a couple of rooms left now so be quick.

    Z Club Member

    Martin is that the Old Bank House as 8/10 of us where going to book it next week
  8. martinmac

    martinmac New Forum User

    No mate, I have left that for you. This is Eabank just down the road.

    Z Club Member

    Cheerz I have booked the old bank house today
  10. martinmac

    martinmac New Forum User

    Thats a good move. You have gravity on your side on the way home.
  11. martinmac

    martinmac New Forum User

    Any more takers.
  12. Dale

    Z Club Member

    If I haven't already said, Mandy and I are going again.
  13. bigblock

    bigblock New Forum User

    lol,only just looked in detail at these lakez threads, rose and crowns location about 500ft up the bank from our friends house.I'll pre warn them lol.
  14. Mr HollowPoint

    Mr HollowPoint New Forum User

    We'll be there again and camping as last year :D
  15. martinmac

    martinmac New Forum User

    Who is that, I will make sure they are invited.:thumbs:
  16. bigblock

    bigblock New Forum User

    Christian and mandy(i wont give full details over net for obvious reasons) theyre not into the car scene,apart from the odd morris minor.They did mention some good events and decent rock music gets played at the rose and crown though.
  17. martinmac

    martinmac New Forum User

    Got you, think I know who you mean.
  18. martinmac

    martinmac New Forum User

    Thats the first act booked, Pink as Floyd, a fantastic tribute band.
  19. martinmac

    martinmac New Forum User

    I have two rooms left in the shared house. This is set up as self catering with a shared lounge and kitchen. We have the whole house. Its about 200m from the event and very nice. I have negotiated a discount but its fro three nights, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The rooms work out at £180 for the three nights.

    Room 1 top floor. Double and Single bed. The bathroom is shared with the room next door. which is single occupancy.
    Room 2 1st floor. Two twins with a shower room.

    Pm me if interested.
  20. martinmac

    martinmac New Forum User

    First post updated.

    1. Lexx +1 - Z32
    2. Harby +1 - Z32 - Camping
    3. IanGreenfield +1 - Z32
    4. Ian +3 - Z32
    5. Rolandes +1 - Z32
    6. Steve Burns accom booked
    7. PaulWrangle accom booked
    8. Dale+1 accom booked
    9. Kevin Kay+3 accom booked
    10. KJZ32 +3 - Z32 - Camping
    11. KJZ32 wife - Z32 - Camping
    12. Lee +1 - Z32 - Camping
    13. Paul +1 - Z32 - Camping
    14. Lee Slater +1 Z32 - camping
    15. GeordieFrench +1 Z32 - camping
    16. glrnet Z33 booked accom
    17. AaronC350z
    18. Hensh 65 Accom booked.
    19Thetranquilbass Accom booked
    20 Neilp Camping.
    21. Will370z Accom booked
    22. Sharpen +1 accom booked
    23. Rickdon + Mrs accom booked
    24. Darren-b camping
    25. Mopedmark+Mrs Moped , camping
    26. Lyndzz + Mr, Accom booked
    27. Ken Accom booked
    28. R35LEE + Mrs + dog Accom booked
    29 Arkwright +1 Accom booked.
    30 Max Local.
    31. ChrisS + Markclio . Camping
    32. Mr. Hollowpoint Z32 Camping
    33. Mrs. Hollowpoint 280Zx Camping
    34. Rothers2901 +1
    35. Matt Bowey. 350z. Accom booked

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