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JDM Sat Nav UK conversion

Discussion in '350Z/370Z Bodywork & Interior' started by premmitt, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. premmitt

    premmitt Forum User


    Any of you out there know much about converting the JDM sat nav to either work in the UK, or just play DVDs??

    Also converting the information dial to mpg instead of mpl?

    Any help would be appreciated


  2. Paul_S

    Z Club Member

    Hi Paul. It is possible to convert them (finally we have an answer to this one!). Someone here used an X-Trail unit.

    Regarding the pods I think you can just plug in some UK ones (see here)

    BTW - whereabouts are you in the country?

    Paul :)
  3. premmitt

    premmitt Forum User

    A big thanks

    Thanks Paul I am amazed the swap is so easy!! Couldnt view the Pod change link though even though I have an account??

    You got any idea how much the X-trail gear costs??

    Am down in South Wales fella


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  4. Paul_S

    Z Club Member

    Not bad huh? It's one of those questions that's been asked for ages but no one has ever really tried it. I suppose it's because the majority of people have replaced the Bose with something fancy that includs Sat Nav.

    The Pod link basically said it's a straight swap (the link is in the members area). You just need to get your hands on some UK dash pods. There is an old link I posted in this section with a scrapyard that has some 350's (not a pretty sight!)

    BTW, I was in Cardiff last weekend - we were really impressed with the City. I was also impressed by the 20+ hen nights on Saturday night!

    Maybe see you around some time :)

  5. premmitt

    premmitt Forum User

    Just had a price for an Xtrail DVD rom unit £247 inc the disc from a scrappy, so not a bad price for the conversion really. Need to fix the cover at the same time as thats bust too.

    Cardiffs great and its like that every weekend!! Was a joy before I got married!!

    You planning on going up to Zed fest? Think we'll go up for the weekend should be a laugh and if not will be a nice run out in the Z anyway.

    Cheers for the Pod advice, will see what sort of price they are going for.

    Maybe see you in Sept:conf2:

  6. Paul_S

    Z Club Member

    I won't be there unfortunately - it clashes with The nissansportz National. I'll keep an eye out for some other meets though :)
  7. Paul_S

    Z Club Member

    I might make it to JAE though... :)

    August is a bit busy because of the V-Festival and Britball (and a few other family things) but I hope to get to at least one day. Hopefully more so I can put up the tent and enjoy a few beers!
  8. premmitt

    premmitt Forum User

    Fitted the DVD rom, was as easy as the article suggested.............Thanks Paul S!

    Big problems with the screen though... turns out after stripping the Dash out, that the screen fitted isnt even a Nissan one. Lookslike somebody threw a on old non specific screen in with back smashed to bits just so it looked pretty!! All wiring is there and original plugs and all signals seem correct from the DVD unit



    Paul :mad:
  9. Paul_S

    Z Club Member

    Bad luck with that :(

    Good luck finding a new one.

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