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japanese in car dvd player/stereo!!

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by bigstej, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. bigstej

    bigstej Forum User

    Anyone got any knowledge of imported in car dvd players??

    I know that sat nav systems cost a fortune to convert but this is a kenwood F-VD9 dvd single din head unit and stereo. Its got all the English buttons/etc but the screen text is japanese. It plays copied DVD's but doesn't seem to like region 2's. I'm not overly bothered about the sat nav side of things but anyone know where I could get an English manual.
  2. Russ

    Z Club Member

    I'm no expert but might be able to help.


    Couldn't find an English one, however I did spot there is a languages menu (if you look on page 40), you can go into setup (I think by setting the button in the top left of the remote) and languages is the top option. Find your way into that, look for English and hopefully that'll help.

    As for region 2 that's very strange, as Japan is also region 2.
  3. Vinnyboy

    Vinnyboy Forum User

    Sat Nav system

    Hi , just purchased a 350z , it is also an import, how much does it cost to convert the Satellite Navigation system to UK , and does any one know where this can be done , i am based in Essex. Just joined this forum and look forward to spending quite a lot of time here, thanks
  4. TheMinel

    TheMinel Well-Known Forum User

    hi there.

    AFAIK it costs in the region of £8-1000.
    There's even a company on Ebay UK that advertises this kind of work for our 350Z. Not sure it's worth spending that amount of money tbh, as decent setups can be found for similar prices (ok ok top end one will be higher...but they'll play dvds mp3s etc)

    welcome btw :)
  5. Vinnyboy

    Vinnyboy Forum User

    Thanks Mate, that explains why most imports have their Sat Nav systems replaced by an aftermarket one , also have a Dvd player but as the previous post said , all the instructions are in Japanese but does play Region 2, does anyone recommend a good Sat Nav that fits nicely in the 350z .
  6. 350Doc

    Z Club Member

    The Alpine setup fits quite nicely into the Zed. The Pioneer is also very good, but you have to get the screen dismantled to fit into the cubby. Touchscreen DVD satnav is the way forward.
  7. MattDaKav

    MattDaKav Well-Known Forum User

    Japanese DVD players will be NTSC as opposed to PAL.
  8. Vinnyboy

    Vinnyboy Forum User

    Sat Nav conversion

    Hi there,
    i am thinking of having the Sat Nav converted ,seen the company that does this on Ebay they charge £900 , personally i think it is worth it , but that is just my opinion . They are based in Essex so not too far from where i am, what about the TV ,can this be converted as well ? also the Bose stereo does not tune above 91 FM , whats the reason for this, seem to be able to recieve Capital radio which is on 95.8 but only when i tune TV to channel 1, completely baffled .
  9. MattDaKav

    MattDaKav Well-Known Forum User

    The radio problem can be fixed with a wave band expander...

    I'm not familiar with the specifications of the factory equipment but I would imagine that the monitor is capable of displaying both NTSC & PAL, so you might only have to chance the SatNav & Tuner unit(s).
  10. Vinnyboy

    Vinnyboy Forum User

    Thanks mate,
    been in touch with the company that converts the Bose sound system , they charge £220 for the conversion , but the only downside with fitting a waveband convertor is that the stereo won't display the right frequency to the station that is been received as the proper conversion will , not sure how much the convertor is .
  11. rich Zed

    rich Zed Forum User

    at that price, my opinion is that you might as well fit an aftermarket kit..

    dump the bose, it's not that good.. and fit something decent :)
  12. Vinnyboy

    Vinnyboy Forum User

    Yes ,you are right the Bose system doesn't sound that good . I have seen some Sound systems replaced by aftermarket ones and in my opinion they don't look that good unless it is replaced by a 2 u sized one like the standard Bose , after all who wants a hole in the dash, does anyone know of a good 2u size unit ?
  13. caraudiovisual

    caraudiovisual New Forum User

    Hi, jsut to let you know I can offer a conversion for the Jap imported radio in the 350z. This will convert the display to read correctly and improve the radio reception (throw the band expanders away!). Regards Mark@pmcr.com
  14. Disco

    Disco New Forum User

    Hi Guys

    new to this site ... please bare with me.. My boss at work has just part ex'd for 350z but centre console is in japense..

    top and bottom of it please! Can you convert to full english for sat nav, and to play DVDs and CD's. What are the options for this?, or can the conosle be replaced with an alternative model of sat nav/dvd player

    cheers in advance guys, but please remember i'm no 350z techy
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  15. kita32

    kita32 New Forum User

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