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its finally happened........... 240z (Moderated)

Discussion in 'Rebuilds and restorations' started by grahamjc, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. grahamjc

    grahamjc Forum User

    It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to my new project, a Datsun 240z. This car has been on my list of cars to own for ages!

    I logged onto a Z forum on Saturday night with the intention of putting my 350z up for sale (thread was created here, but never got round to it on the other site) and came across a for sale ad for a RHD Datsun 240z. It was late so sent a quick text message to confirm car was available and that I would call the next day. It was :eyebrows: Called the owner, had a good chat about the car and about 20 minutes later missus and I were in the GTR on our way from Surrey to Blackpool to view the car - 270 miles one way.

    A long trip, but well worth it!! The car needs a good clean, some cosmetic work doing and the carbs need a tune up, but the car has been used on a regular(ish) basis and the owner is great!! Z nutter for over 20 years and such a nice guy. Spent about an hour and a half going over the car, going for a drive, chatting about this car and his many other 240z (he has owned a few). Left a deposit and started the long trip home, which did not go well...... but all I can think of today, is the 240z!! Need to arrange collection and transportation of it today.

    The list of things to do is:-
    1. Get the car down home
    2. Get the carbs tuned and exhaust manifold gasket needs to be changed
    3. Enjoy the car for a little, before the cosmetic works gets started.... not sure on how I am going to do this, might be a complete strip down and respray

    Here is a quick teaser:-
  2. martinmac

    martinmac New Forum User

    Hi there fella. Congratulations on getting a great car and keeping it on hhere.
  3. datsfun

    Z Club Member

    Well done. Good luck with the project and I envy your collection :)

    On a side note, if you haven't collected it yet, perhaps think about the carb and associated work to be performed by a Z experience mechanic uuuup norf ? Unless you are handy with the spanners and know of decent carb tuners down south ? Most RR's now days can not cope with tuning carbs etc
  4. grahamjc

    grahamjc Forum User


    Who can you recommend uuup norff or down south for that matter?
  5. datsfun

    Z Club Member

    My suggestion is to speak to Brian ( vendor) who has had many zeds over the years. I suspect he will know of persons in the vicinity who can strip/rebuild/tune the carbs on your behalf. Down south there are mixed reviews about the capability of RR's that are happy and like to workon carbs.

    Remember these cars are 40+ years old and may have different combination of carbs installed by former owners - are they factory? modified SU's etc

    There are a few threads on the forum about local south east Rolling roads etc so

    Hopefully those with more knowledge on this will be here shortly :)
  6. martinmac

    martinmac New Forum User

    Very wise words, you dont want to let anyone loose on it.

    RIDDLER Active Forum User

    You must be thrilled - good luck with it and post more pictures later!
  8. JK240

    Z Club Member

    Congrats on the purchase, Brian did say in the summer he was thinking of selling. Hope he still comes along to some of the events cos as you say he's a lovely fella.
    Keep the info coming too :thumbs:
  9. madda

    madda Forum User

    I was able to go and get this on 17th and it would have been the base for my modified one to sit alongside the 'standard' car I have. I left it in fates hands and you got there first, well done.

    Enjoy the journey, make it amazing.
  10. grahamjc

    grahamjc Forum User

    Good call...

    Though I do know the guys that run Surrey Rolling Road down south. They may not be able to do the work, but they are rather good on the dyno side.

    Hell no!

    Very much so.... sat at work smiling aboout it all day

    Its such a shame that Brian has had to sell, but he just cant tinker with it as much as he would like. I am very happy that its come from such a person, with such a history in the cars, events, etc. There are people on other forums that are posting pics of the car at events and of Brian and Sandra in the 90s in a group road trip photo :cheers:

    Thats just being greedy ;) thank you, very happy to have gotten it!

  11. grahamjc

    grahamjc Forum User

    Forgot to say that if I can get it to a good enough standard by June/July next year in will go up to Donnington for the Nissan experience day and I have already invited Brian :thumbs:

    Will see if he is game for me to take him out for a lap or 2 in the GTR!

    Z Club Member

    Dont tell Brenda that Brian was in Holland with a girl called Sandra in the 90s:lol:
  13. grahamjc

    grahamjc Forum User

    I will keep it quiet for him :cheers:
  14. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer in training Staff Member Moderator

    Well done Graham and who said that the 'Classifieds' don't work?

    Brian and Brenda are a lovely couple.

    Glad it's gone to a good home.
  15. zedboy

    zedboy Forum User

    Congratulations.... But Gutted that Brian has sold his car. I've known Brian for 16 years and in this time he has owned at least 8 Zeds!!!! Every one of them was going to be his last Z!!!! 240Z oil is in his veins!!! He will undoubtedly buy something modern and then start 'itching' again.
  16. grahamjc

    grahamjc Forum User

    :) oh yes, fantastic couple... Mel was inside drinking tea chatting with Ray (his better half) and Brenda while Brian and I were outside talking cars :bow:

    Just remind me if I am not doing it justice ;)

    First time in 24 years without a Z :eek:

    He is obviously a bit of a legend in the Z world, so even more pleased with my purchase now
  17. richiep

    Z Club Member

    Ditto. I was gutted too when I saw it in the classifieds. I was sad when he sold CHL (the Samuri). Now this. Brian and Brenda are lovely people and friends of ours for over 11 years. I do hope he sees the error of his ways, gets the itch again, and oops, another 240z ends up in the garage! :D

    Enjoy the car and continue the trend Brian began with improving it.
  18. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer in training Staff Member Moderator

    I actually think that at Brian's time of life he has made an astute decision so fair play to him.

    Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

    Ok, onwards and upwards - your journey starts now Graham and it's a complete contrast to GTR ownership I'm sure.
  19. datsfun

    Z Club Member

    I reckon 99% of their clients have cars with bleed valves, some pipes that scream:confused:, giant hairdryers, them electronic ECU thingies that you can now plug into your smart phone and download an APP to perform live road mapping etc:lol:

    SRR are a good RR outfit, agreed. Not sure if carb tuning is something they have knowledge of TBH. Sometimes you get an old school mechanic who will tinkle with base settings of the the carbs and then hire the RR for fine tuning. Might be an option but could be doubly expensive.
  20. zedboy

    zedboy Forum User

    You should've just done a straight swap for the GTR

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