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Its all in the detail.

Discussion in '350Z/370Z Bodywork & Interior' started by martinmac, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. martinmac

    martinmac Well-Known Forum User

    Finally got round to getting the car detailed yesterday. I was using someone local for the first time and was very pleased with the results.

    I knew the Nissan paint was pretty poor but the results I got were shocking. Pretty much down to 60 to 70 all round. No paint correction done.
    Here is the detailed stuff. :)
    Brief description of process.


    Foamed with ValetPRO (VP) neutral snwowoam + VP pink shampoo mix and rinsed after 3 mins.

    Foamed with VP neutral snowfoam + G101 all purpose cleaner – all detail areas etc agitated with Envy brush – rinsed.

    Shuts/reveals cleaned with G101, agitated with Envy brush and lightly rinsed.

    Washed 2BM + lambswool mitt with Swissvax Car Bath

    Exhausts sprayed with VP Citrus tar remover, left to soak, then cleaned with ultrafine steel wool + Duragloss metal cleaner

    Wheels cleaned with VP Bilberry

    Lower flanks sprayed with VP tar remover and wiped with MF to remove heavy tar deposits

    Body clayed with Sonus Ultrafine Green with Meg’s detailing spray (50:50) as lube

    Rewashed with 2Bm Swissvax Car Bath

    Dried with yellow Envy waffle towel


    Readings with Positec 400 – wildly varying, many areas in the 70 microns range, few in the 60’s – lowest spot read 62 microns – possibly a world record low!

    Decision made to gloss paintwork ie light cut, what comes out comes out.

    Metal/carbon areas glossed with Flex and LC Kompressor white + mix of Menz IP + Menz FF (106) – 10 passes speed 5, 5 at 3 at 2 at 2

    Plastic areas polished with PC and Menz FF (85) basically until the polish cleared

    IPA wipedown


    Dodo Supernatural via Sonus green mf pad


    Wheels waxed with Collinite Insulator Wax

    Tyres dressed with Swissvax Pneu

    Plastics treated with Swissvax Plastic Restorer

    Swissvax Plastic Restorer to wheel arches.

    Swissvax Crystal glass cleaner


    Engine bay quick blitz with Karcher mini-steamer with AutoGlym Super Sheen to finish

    Interior cleaned with Auto-Rae Quad & Go (cleaner/dressing in one)

    Seats treated to Croftgate Leather Oil

    Just over 10 hours the lot.

    And some pics, it was very grubby. :blush:

    Swirls. :scare:

  2. JakTheRuby

    JakTheRuby Well-Known Forum User

    That's a proper deep shine there mate. As usual the car looks great. Love those new wheels. Car looks so menacing now (like Darth Vader if he was a Japanese car...). So you'd recommend these guys to anyone local to you..?
  3. martinmac

    martinmac Well-Known Forum User

    Yes mate, I have had to use a guy in London until now which was a bit of a pain. Nick just turns up in the van and sorts it out on the drive so it makes it very easy.

    Thanks for the comments on the new wheels, they werent planned but a large rock smashed two of my racing harts so it was a bit of a panic job to get these on in time for the Wales run.

    It hurt too.
  4. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer Staff Member Moderator

    Nice job!

    My youngest (David) does all this detailing on his black 106 GTi. We have a shed full of stuff including a buffing machine. He spends a fortune on it all.

    I thought it was all a waste of money but it really does work. You have to have a good car to start with though. His paintwork is amazing but the trouble is he works at Morrisons Supermarket and gets a new door dent every week - that really winds me up!

    Black cars show detailing off well:thumbs:.

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  5. martinmac

    martinmac Well-Known Forum User

    He certainly does a good job Rob.
    Black cars show detailing off well.... for about 10 minutes. :(

    BRONZEE Well-Known Forum User

    He sure did make a lovely job of your car Martin. :thumbs:

    Lol, didn't you know you're only supposed to look at a black car, not drive it. :p :lol:
  7. JakTheRuby

    JakTheRuby Well-Known Forum User

    You can see why British Leyland made all of those shitty brown coloured cars now in the 70s and early 80s. It was actually functional to mask the fact that the cars were also a piece of cack.

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