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Interesting 1972 Z…

Discussion in 'Rebuilds and restorations' started by IbanezDan51, Aug 24, 2021.

  1. richiep

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    While I liked his 911, there were times watching Jeff do the Z that I wanted to shake him and go "NO, NO, NO!!!" :banghead: EXTRA:D

    I actually have the arch lips from my project car saved. It's all about neatness of removal, which actually helps toward the finished article anyway. Although I still think if one was that bothered to want to put them back, you'd end up being better doing a lower quarter replacement, a la the KFVintageJDM panels. You have to remember that you would also need to replace the inner wheel arch, as that gets trimmed and altered quite a bit. See the relevant posts on my Project Dixie thread.

    My core view is if you've got a G nose fitted, or want to add one, you need to do the overfenders too. IMO G noses without overfenders make the cars look too long and "skinny". Also, they were part of a "package" originally, as fitted to the factory 240ZGs; the arches - and the implied wider wheels - help to absorb the G nose and give it a more balanced, proportioned look overall.

    I'm a tad biased though, being a JDM fanatic and anal about the details! FYI, my original vision for Project Dixie was to do a reproduction of a 240ZG, using the Marugen Shoukai G nose (the one with the proper urethane bumper), painted Grand Prix Maroon, etc. Over time, I decided to go with the standard front but with JDM features (Sports Option-style chin spoiler, chrome-rimmed headlight covers, etc.). I don't rule out doing a G nose on it in the future though, although the non-ZG colour of 907 green might grate on me!
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  2. Gnose

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  3. Bazzateer

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    I would advise against using postfix to attach those to your car.
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  4. Gnose

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    No postcrete was used 0DA01801-9E23-47C2-9BEF-4CD647E366EC.jpeg
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