Integrated hard sunroof help/repairs

Jason McIvor

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I need some help - in the West Country - from someone who knows integrated sunroofs
Seems the hot weather has melted the glue holding the inside cover of the sunroof, so the upholstery has started to peel off
This *seems* to be causing the inside of the roof to come off the railings and I just don't have the skills
The PO said there was likely some fiddling/alignment of the sunroof needed but it's been fine for a year

Any help appreciated


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That's a really nice looking sunroof as sunroof's go.

The best glue I have used for any type of car upholstery/roof linining is made by WURTH, it's a very strong adhesive that is temperature resistant -20 to 110degrees C. I've also used it to attach insulation material to the bonnet, there's no way it's coming off easily.

It's a spray contact adhesive but you can spray it into a container and use a brush to apply it on small areas.