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Injector Woes

Discussion in 'Engine' started by oldscoolboy, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. oldscoolboy

    oldscoolboy Forum User

    Hi All

    Looking at getting my z back on the road. I have an issue which i am looking at. Currently there are 2 differing sizes of injectors on each bank. I found out they were different sizes when i sent them to be cleaned. Obviously been like it since i have bought it :unsure: who would do that!

    One side have a brown top and flow around 340cc measure 25ohms and the other side probably were white but now a cream flow at around 280cc measure 18 ohms.

    I have come across some 444cc injectors measuring 5 ohms, which i would like to install, these may need dropping resistors but i am unsure if i have a high impedence ECU

    ECU numbers are
    38 (in big bold black number)
    23710 07p00
    A18-000 530

    Thanks in advance
  2. Quagmire

    Quagmire Well-Known Forum User

    I have the same ECU as yours and it's out of an 84 Turbo (low Impedance)
  3. freezturbo

    freezturbo New Forum User

    What about an 85T? low or high?
  4. themoment

    themoment Forum User

    I thought a 85 turbo can use both high and low impedance injectors. Its just if you own a later year and want to go with low impendance you have to use resistors. I could be wrong!

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