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Still trying to sort out my stall problem. Can't anyone let me know their thoughts on a find this morning. I have been checking the injector connections and plug leads etc. Started with No1 injector as this one doesn't seem to be doing anything from the old screwdriver test. Its getting normal voltage. Find that with the chts connected correctly (note prev posts I have a 500ohm resistor in the circuit to keep it running), the car actually continues to run normally on 5 cyls with no stall. As soon as I plug the No 1 back in it stalls. Whats the likely diagnosis - faulty injector - could it be just opening and flooding? or a short in the circuit or any other possibilities?
Injector resistance is 1.9-2.0 ohms against spec 1.5 ohm.
I am reading battery voltage at both connectors from the harness - is this correct - would have thought just the red one would read this?

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