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I was going to get my injectors inspected and cleaned on the 280zx. The car runs pretty well, but the exhaust always smells way too rich.

I have a contact who has the facilities and kit to do this. I showed him pics of the injectors and he reckoned they should just pull out after undoing the screws.

My only though was that it would need new seals as they are bound to be rock hard. He didnt seem to think there would be any issues.

So... my question was, are all the parts for these readily available? I guess the seals are, but are the black plastic spacers likely to disintegrate on removal? Anything else I should be aware of?

The part number on the injectors is A46-000001.



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Hi Ped

Couple of things to be aware of. This can be a bit of a pig of a job. It’s easiest to remove the fuel rail completely with the injectors still attached once you unscrew them. As the injector tails will not come off the injectors in situ, unless you cut the hoses. The screws that hold the injectors can easily round off as you try to unscrew them from the manifold so be prepared to replace one or two screws. Lastly are the connectors, worth replacing them if you’re going to the trouble of pulling the injectors. They tend to fall apart once disturbed, age related.

The black spacers normally are fine. They will crack if you over tighten them when putting it all back together.

I have a few spare spacers and screws if you need them.

The seals are still available, again I have some spares if you get stuck.

Lastly, don’t reuse the hose clips. Invest in a set of new ones.

Have fun mate 😋



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Thanks guys. Not in a hurry to tackle this as these things are never as easy on a 40+ year old motor. I think I will wait until the early spring since I have a very small garage. Don't want it sitting outside if I can help it in this weather. I will order up the new connectors and some wiring. I think a couple of them will be a bit neat length wise once I chop the ends off.

Thanks for the offer of spares too, much appreciated.
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