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HI people, thought I would show you my new paint job

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by SRRAE, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. SRRAE

    SRRAE New Forum User

    I met some people at Santa Pod a few weeks ago, more like a month now.

    I had the 2+2 which did the 12.9 :D

    Anyway, thought you would like to see my paint job on my car.
    All the work on the car has been done by myself and my dad helping, engine, paint body repairs :D

    The car was looking a little dull because the original paint job from red to purple didnt go according to plan.

    Thought I would share it with you the new 100% better paint job. Not perfect, but what you espect from spraying outside? LOL

    What you think?

    Rubbed down and masked up. Looking very dull.

    Starting spraying here.

    The finished result



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    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Committee Member

    looks a nice colour
    also bet it matches some of the flowers nearby :)
  3. Andytt

    Andytt New Forum User

    Boy O boy have you got some flatting and polishing to do, good shine, brave man, bet the neighbours were amused
  4. ZHead

    ZHead New Forum User

    The 300s are not my cup of tea but that is a fabulous colour - I love it !
  5. neil300zx

    neil300zx New Forum User

    In days gone by did they not use t-cut for finishing after spraying? if so why can you not do it now and why flatting with wet and dry would that not be more abrasive than t-cut :unsure:
  6. grolls

    grolls Active Forum User

    i think you will find was wet and dry plus soap or cutting compound, i normally have to use 320 grit on a sander to get the runs out,hence i dont do paint!!!!:eek:
  7. SRRAE

    SRRAE New Forum User

    I used rubbing compound on the last spray job but took the shine off most of the places.
    I couldnt do anything with it now as the paint really is just touch dry. it will be tacky underneath
  8. grolls

    grolls Active Forum User

    to be honest, the paint dont matter mate(looks good though) its you whipping those slick top boys that bring a smug smile to my face!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  9. Z Car Barbie

    Z Car Barbie New Forum User

    Ouh, it looks "purdy" to me! :D Nice job!

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