Help needed: Replacing alternator 1st time


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Hi all,

I'm replacing the alternator in my 1996 300ZX non-turbo automatic. This is the first time I've done something like this. I had a few questions:
  • How important is it to measure belt deflection/tension when putting on new belts? Should I buy a tool to measure this?
Also I noticed the other belts aren't in great shape.
  • Does anyone have sizing for the power steering, AC, and alternator belts?
I found this diagram but am not sure if I can save some money other sized belts that are immediately available.


I'm wondering if I can grab a few cheap ones like those shown in a Build Theory video, or if I should just buy the more expensive kits from ConceptZ or Z1 Motorsports?


candy red

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Don’t. Think you need to buy a special tool, you don’t want them loose but want some tension on them. you could YouTube it fitting new alternator belts ,as for buy the cheap ones personally I wouldn’t you get what you pay for unless your saving hundreds of pounds which I doubt.
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