Hello!! Soon to be new owner (hopefully) - here is the car I am buying


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Great that you’ve got a car your happy with, I absolutely love driving mine…….got a few options for power steering as well if that’s something you wanted to change as well.

darryl beckwith

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Over here in the Netherlands now, the car was immaculate and ran like a dream, so its now mine! So excited!

I did however forget what driving a car without power steering was like, its been a long time EXTRA:D
Fantastic hope you enjoy it it looks great. Would be really interested to know cost of importing it and what’s involved


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Someone looking for a Z obviously Googled it and liked the look of your car so they're using the photo :)

Unfortunately their budget is only $15k.. might be enough for a tatty 240z but not a 280 eh! ;)



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Yeah, I was there! I wasn't sure if there were any other club members there or not, but then I don't really know anyone yet :D