Heater valve alternative


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Hey guys has anyone used a universal or a heater valve off a different car on their Z?

The replacement for my 260Z is $120 before shipping and duty which seems insane when universal ones are like ten quid.



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I've used a plastic generic one from car builder solutions and it works fine with the oem cable.


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Thanks guys! Much appreciated. Think I'll go for one of these aftermarket jobbies!

Mark those brass ones seem pull to shut but the OEM one seem push to shut? Did you manage to fit it a different way around? I like it comes with the clamp

Mark N

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Just sent you a PM on this, but yes.
I used one of the brass valves (pull to close).


However, I'm sure I had to flatten the bracket then bend it in the opposite direction to reverse the function.
It would be best to double check your heater slide mechanism but I'm pretty sure it pulls the cable going from cold to hot (i.e. closed to open).