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Happy new owner!

Discussion in 'New to the website!' started by Makesy, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Makesy

    Z Club Member

    Hi all,

    After searching for ~2 years I finally took the plunge and bought a Z of my own!

    She's a 73 240z with a 2.8 from a 78 280z (from what I'm told).

    LHD imported from the US by the previous owner.

    A few inspections suggest that there isn't much rust to have to deal with (unless this has been hidden or bodged!)

    Plans: Had her started briefly but now she doesn't want to fire up. I'm guessing injector issues or some sort of loose connection but I can't be sure, so this all needs looking at

    Cracked windscreen and missing front bumper need replacing.

    I'll need some help ensuring I avoid Q plates once I go for registration, so any advice more than welcome, but probably best to start a new thread for that!

    Never embarked on something like this, so wish me luck!
  2. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Treasurer Staff Member Moderator

    Welcome to the Club and I hope your restoration and re-commissioning goes well.

    Thank you for joining as a 'full' member.
  3. richiep

    Z Club Member

    Welcome to the club. Q plates should not be an issue. As long as you have the original title and the NOVA document showing taxes paid, you should have no difficulty getting an age-specific registration.
  4. Woody928

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member Moderator

    Welcome to the club and congrats on the purchase, I know the feeling having saved and searched for a few years before taking the plunge!

    It sounds like only a few minor bits are needed to bring it up to spec. Unless there's any crazy changes that you haven't mentioned then you won't have to worry about a Q plate just because there's an L28 fitted.

    Get some pictures up when you can, I look forward to hearing more about it :thumbs:
  5. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    If the car is pretty must complete and you can get it running then the first thing I would do is get it mot'd, insured and UK registered. Then you have the chance to drive it a bit before you decide what to do with it.

    do you have a copy of the letter to say it's been through the NOVA system? Do you have the US registration document?
  6. SacCyclone

    Z Club Member

    Congrats on your new Zed purchase.

    Lots of chaps here with incredible knowledge about Zeds so don't be shy when the questions come about.

    O, and good luck.

  7. Makesy

    Z Club Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

    I've attached some pics for those interested.

    No crazy mods...only an l28, 5 speed gearbox (which may or may not be original) and what look like some new suspension components.

    There is also plenty of homebrew wiring someone has carried out on the injection system which you can see in one of the pictures below! Likely this is to blame for why it won't start, so I'll clean up the connections and give it another go starting up in the next week or so.

    Would you advise registering the car as a 240 with a 2.8, or registering as the original 2.4 and then processing an engine change once registered? (Anyone who knows a thing or two about registration, I may need some help ensuring I fill out the form correctly please! - it might just be me, but the V55/5 seems quite complex!)

    I have a confirmation email regarding the car's NOVA clearance (done by the previous owner) as well as the US title, which I believe is enough to get through registration.

    I need to sort out insurance and MOT, but need to get it started up again before I can consider any testing!

    Attached Files:

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  8. jonbills

    ZClub Administrator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Congrats, car looks in good shape.
    I hope you get it running again soon.
  9. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    A quick guide to the v55/5 form. These are the sections required. The others are left blank.
    2. Historic
    3. 12 months
    6. Datsun
    7. 240z or 260z or 280z
    8. Coupe
    9. 2-Axle rigid
    10. "colour"
    27. 1973 ect.
    29. Put the 1st of whatever month it is
    30. Petrol
    31. HLS30-...……
    32. L24...…. or just leave blank if you wish
    33. 2.4 or just leave blank
    45. 10/73 for example
    46. As 29.
    47. First part of your postcode
    50. Due to age
    54. ………..

    And that's about it.

    Include a cheque for £55, MOT, original insurance document, US title, copy of front and back driving licence and that's about it I think. Post it off and you should get a number plate within a week.
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  10. Makesy

    Z Club Member

    Wow, thanks johnymd! Great info there! The engine is a 2.8, of which I have the engine number, so guessing I just list that instead of the 2.4 and no further detail will be required?

    Had a play at cleaning up some of the connectors earlier, as well as cleaning up the mucky spark plugs.

    Tried to fire her up again but no joy. Some rather odd clunks/dinks from around either starter motor area or the bell housing area (tough to tell from the drivers seat).

    Pretty stumped, so thinking I'll get a callout mechanic to take a look.

    In the meanwhile I'll work on the cosmetics (read: easy stuff!)
  11. Jake RAH

    Jake RAH
    Z Club Member

    Welcome to the club. I'm sure you'll love your new Z soon as you get it out on the road. Have fun :driving:
  12. Makesy

    Z Club Member

    For those interested, got it running briefly before i heard a weird golfball-esque knock and turned her off.

    Not all cyls seemed to be firing and wasn't getting much in terms of throttle response.

    Calling in the cavalry (professional mechanics) next!
  13. toopy

    Z Club Member

    Have you checked the simple electrical stuff? before spending money chasing a possible non existent injection system problem

    Spark plugs & leads

    Dizzy cap & Rotor arm


    Clean any electrical connectors & check wiring into them

    Engine to body and battery earth connections
  14. Makesy

    Z Club Member

    Thanks for your suggestions Toopy!

    Before I got the heavies in, I decided to have one more shot.

    Replaced all the sparkies with a new set, checked all the gapping and went for it.

    After a minute or 2 of spluttering she kicked into life. Sounds sweet!

    Aside from obviously bad sparkies I'm pretty sure there's some crud in the fuel tank/lines, so planning a tank clean and rail replacement in the not too distant future. At least I have a living Z now though!

    Brakes had little to no response so that's my next job.

    Most of the rubber seals around the car want replacing, front grill wants spraying up and refitting so I'll get to that at the weekend

    Oh and most of the dash instruments don't work!

    Steady progress...now hoping to get it on the road before summer is up. Thank you all for your support and patience!
  15. Geoff-R

    Z Club Member

    Sorry to hijack the thread but where do you stand on registering the vehicle without an MOT, is one required? It's a grey area trying to find an answer, of course an MOT is advisable but if the car is over 40 years old does it still require an MOT to be registered?
  16. Makesy

    Z Club Member

  17. ZedzDead

    Z Club Member

    Congratulations on finding your car and joining the club Makesy :)

    Joined recently my self and thankfully found a wealth of experience on here concerning these great cars.
  18. Nicho17

    Z Club Member

    Alex, How are you getting on now with the car? Simon Here.
  19. MCBladeRun

    Z Club Member

    Just updating as I've just filled mine out and the numbers have moved which, I assume they do all the time:

    2 Historic
    3 12 months 0 weeks
    6 Datsun
    7 240z (or 260/280)
    8 Coupe
    9 2-axel regid
    10 (your colour)
    18 (2 for 2 seats, 4 for 4 seats) isn't necessary though
    27 year the vehicle was built (its on the plate of the door jam)
    30 1st of next month (in my case 01 12 19)
    31 petrol
    32 vin (HLS30..)
    33 engine number
    34 engine capacity in cc (2.8 is 2753cc)
    46 I just put the year as 72
    57 first part of post code
    62 is your name and address in full
    63 fill in a contact number / email
    64 "due to age"

    Sign the declaration

    There are other documents you need to send with it, such as the original title and proof of your name and address etc
    £55 cheque too.

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  20. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    I registered mine without an MoT, no problem, but did have an inspection.

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