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happy birthday 300zx-club.com

Discussion in 'Z32 (300ZX)' started by STEVE BURNS, Aug 2, 2009.


    Z Club Member

    Today makes the 1st anniversary of the launch of our sister club 300zx-club.com
    When it was launched many thought it would fail after six months but in fact it has gone from strength to strength and grown to a friendly fun place for people to visit

    Well done to all the people who through spending a lot of their spare time have made it happen

    Congrats on a fantastic first year and look forward to the next one
    The ball is rolling and is gathering speed all the time
  2. Nidge74

    Nidge74 Guest

  3. Arkwright

    Arkwright Inactive

    well done peeps
  4. funkyboogalooo

    funkyboogalooo Active Forum User

    Happy birthday all

    BIGSSS Well-Known Forum User

    Happy Birthday!
    Also well done Andy, Saz and all the admin peeps.
  6. JakTheRuby

    JakTheRuby Well-Known Forum User

    Yay! Great stuff peeps!!!
  7. Saz

    Saz Guest

    Its amazing what can be achieved on a drunken Summers afternoon lol!

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